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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

March 27, 2018

Infinix Hot 5 Lite (X557), Full Specs and price

Infinix has been manufacturing amazing mobile phones recently to bolster the competition in the phone market. Having released strings of Note phones, the company took a step further to manufacture the Hot series. This series is made up of a class highly rated smartphones with great performance rating. Infinix Hot 5 Lite is one of these series of phones. A smartphone built on existing architecture, but lightweight in the overall technological presentation, Hot 5 Lite meets the demands of every mobile phone user - stronger battery capacity, high operation speed, cutting-edge camera, Higher definition visuals, multi-functional capability and social media integration. Built to complement the performance and optimisation features Infinix Hot 5  (X559), this latest brand of Infinix product is tailored to meet your mobile needs.

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Sunday, 18 March 2018

March 18, 2018

How to make the most of Jumia Mobile Week

Jumia’s annual ‘Rituals’ – The Mobile Week – is back again and this time around with a boom and improved delivery plans. Jumia, arguably, Nigeria’s largest online shopping mall has been up to the task of shocking customers with tailored deals to help them purchase their dream products at discounted prices. In addition to the Deals of the day, the giant company has launched the Mobile Week to further subsidise mobile products to customers.

This is seen as the biggest mobile phone sale of the year as the products have been hugely discounted. Whether you are running a Jumia Affiliate Program or just a customer, this is a great opportunity. For the former, it’s a chance to increase your earnings from commissions, while customers can use this opportunity to save money by purchasing these products at seemingly lesser prices.

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Saturday, 17 March 2018

March 17, 2018

Post Publishing Blueprint: See What Top Bloggers do

Have you ever sat down to imagine or ask if there was any blueprint for publishing posts? If you had, what answer did you arrived at? I guess something like this:

                Develop an idea – write out the points – develop the idea – publish the idea

Well, this might be it, but experts will tell you something is definitely wrong with this scheme. So, which one is close to what is expected. For instance, information hunting isn't captured by using this blueprint. That makes it completely faulty because information is key to creating and publishing quality posts. 

Several authors have suggested different writing patterns and steps for publishing quality articles. Each has presented his/her view based on the nature of blog they write on and their respective audience. Few others have succeeded in providing comprehensive guidelines to reach other blogging spheres.

But, how exactly are these guidelines? Post publishing is a process and just like every other process, it revolves around some milestones and steps which are to be carefully followed to reach the goal or purpose of the posts. Post publishing cycle is the writing sphere that begins from the point of impregnation of an idea to the point where the idea is shared and used by the intended audience.

Bloggers create and publish posts or articles. Quite a lot of work and effort is put to use to create and publish posts that attain full potentials, from a wholesome information point-of-view. I have developed a comprehensive cycle that takes into consideration important steps and actions bloggers take to create and publish high traffic posts.

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