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Are you having the inner desire to share information or a discovery but don't have the right platform to do so? Do you see the need to let others benefit from what you practice by publishing easy to understand and applicable articles? Then, use this blog to share your ideas.

Be informed that Guest Posting is different from Sponsored Posting. The latter is done by individual authors and bloggers craving to reach out to the majority of internet users without the tone of making a profit.

Sponsored posting is done by companies or by individuals assigned or contracted to do and aims at promoting the company's brand, products, or offers. For sponsored posting, use the contact form below to reach us.

Guest bloggers are highly welcomed to share their knowledge with others albeit within the definitions of the terms and conditions.

Areas of Concentration

This blog focuses on the following core areas;
1. Mobile products review - Mobile phones, Tablets, Game consoles, PDAs, PCs, etc.
2. Apps review
3. Security tips for mobile devices
4. Latest News
5. Social Media tips and guides

The Process

1. Draft your article, not less than 1000 words.
2. Submit the draft via email to us @
3. Review of the article to ensure compliance with standard and conditions.
4. The article is published if it meets the minimum requirement.
5. We notify you of your published article, providing you with the link.

Article Format

1. Title not exceeding 30 words, captivating and harmonises with the content. You can use listicles, How-tos, the Ultimate Guides, [Top number], etc. to graft your title,
2. A sustaining introduction to keep readers going and more inquisitive.
3. Section-based contents to guide readers and grant more understanding.
4. A conclusion
5. At least an image in JPEG format, relevant to the contents.
6. Video can be embedded, however, the link should be provided for embedding.

Don't forget to include your name, link to your social profile or website and a little bio to introduce the author at the end of the post.

Terms and Conditions

1. A single post must be at least 500 words for it to be accepted.
2. Copied images, statements, and graphics must be duly referenced as we stand against plagiarism.
3. Links to sites - whether yours or not - must be relevant to the article and add to the information already present. Irrelevant links will not be accepted.
4. Affiliate links are not accepted and will be immediately removed, once discovered.
5. Once a post is published, it automatically becomes ours and must not be duplicated anywhere. You'll be duly referenced as the author of the post.
6. Sexually explicit articles or posts that contravene international and domestic laws are not accepted.
7. We have the right to edit your post and present it in a way that meets our standard. That is, we can fix errors with grammar and spelling, and the tone to blend with our format.

Again, we do not accept affiliate links, pun articles, plagiarised contents and linking to unresourceful websites or blogs.

Welcome on board!