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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog

Do you want to start a blog but do not know how to begin? Are you anxious about what blogging is but yet to see a relevant guide? I have painstakingly written an extensive guide to help you overcome your fears and pave the way for you to start your blogging business the right way. Take your time to digest this guide before jumping into the blogship. You will find interesting and eye-opening insights presented in simple and practical ways.
The internet has become a strong tool for information dissemination in contemporary days. Virtually every household across the universe has access to the internet. People create and share the Information accessed on the internet through websites, social media and blogs. Of these means of information sharing, blogs are the most relied on. Some blogs are updated almost every day allowing viewers to see new updates and information on what is going on at a particular period. This makes blogs strong marketing tools for driving traffic and increasing the aw…

How to Create, Publish and Schedule a Post in Blogger

Blogging, at the basic sense, is all about creating and publishing posts (or articles) to communicate an idea, a discovery, a feeling or thought. Though these can be communicated via other means like audio or video formats, using textual posts (content-based) remain the most preferred means. Most blogs are composed of articles spiced with pictures or images to sustain readability and improve readers' understanding. Even if you're are posting videos, there is always the need to transcribe such videos into textual formats to enhance accessibility. Doing so requires creating and publishing written posts.

Having hosted your blog and have done the basics, the next thing is creating a piece of writing and hitting the publish button to get started. While some of us are conversant with the process and features for doing this, others, especially newbies might not fully know how to perform this important aspect. Blogger provides a rich post editing interface for formatting your write-u…

Nokia 2 Full Specifications and Price

Nokia's numerical nomenclature of phones has recently attracted much patronage. It is argued that Nokia's decision to integrate full Android OS has been responsible for this upsurge in patronage. Whether that is true or not doesn't really matter. What matters is the features added, experience derived by users, and the overall appeal of these brand of phones. Not long ago, Nokia 8 was released and made available in the market with intriguing features such as simultaneous camera capturing, excellent UX designs, and high-class performance control features. Somehow, it appears Nokia 8 was made for high-class users as the price dictates. Now, Nokia 2 has come to complement the need for quality, smartness and equitable price. No need to overshoot your budget, just plan within and get what is quality. The top features and full specifications of Nokia 2 have been given below to help you know what to expect from this Nokia brand of phone.

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Top 10 Smartphone Features your phone must have

Recently, the influx of mobile phones - especially smartphones - into the consumer market has been alarming. Smartphones of various designs, sizes, and performance are being developed and released into the consumer market to increase patronage and equally meet up with users’ demands.

The competition from manufacturers such as Tecno, Infinix, Nokia, Samsung, Apple, and Lenovo has even exceeded elastic limit. Each company wants to stay above the others. This has resulted in these companies manufacturing several versions and classes of phones within a short period.

How to submit your blog or site to Google, Yahoo and Bing for indexing

Every web page or site you access by conducting a search using google, yahoo, Bing or Baidu has been indexed. That is why you can type a search query and get results. Internet users have so much relied on the use of these engines for information sourcing. This is because it is easier to reach quality resources that way than to hunt for websites using addresses you might not even remember. Research has revealed that websites that appear topmost in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) get higher click rates. As a blog or website owner, that is exactly what you want to see. You want to feel relaxed that your blog posts are visible to many and can attract organic traffic from search engines. One thing is however needed as step one to achieving this and that is:
 Submitting your blog for search engines indexing.
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Top 8 Features of Infinix XOS Chameleon Android OS

Smartphones have been around for a few years now and have taken over the mobile phone industry. Every Big Guy would normally pose with his 'toy' to show off his level and class. These phones are driven by touch-based Operating Systems that allow users to make commands or inputs via screen touch. Most of them are powered by Android OS, though other OS such Chrome OS, Apple iOS and Mozilla have equally been used.

Android’s Open Source project permits manufacturers to customise their OS, under the freeware license agreement, to adding features to their demands and make it suitable for their technologies. Nokia saw this to be useful in their development of Nokia X and XL. Now Infinix has followed suit by developing theirs using the license and decided to term it XOS Chameleon. Then, what is XOS all about? What are the differences it offers in terms of features and user experience? This and many others are what you will want to know. Maybe you want more insights on what this brand…

How to Publish a Post on Blogger using Email

Even though blogger boost of a very rich text editor and an interface for writing and publishing posts, there are periods when you might be on the move and an idea will just pop in for you to write an article on. It might even be a news or a discovery. The need to publish any of these as soon as possible could be there.  Convenience might just be another factor, especially if you are away from your PC. You can use the alternative – a mobile phone or tablet to put down this idea. How will you use that? Mobile phones can be discouraging to use with blogger post writing interface. You definitely need an alternative idea that will work better and help you achieve the task of publishing that post. Only a few of us have discovered that you can publish your posts to blogger from anywhere using an email-supported mobile device. Therefore, in this post, I will take through the steps you need to publish posts to blogger using your email while on the go – maybe travelling, in a party with frien…

Android - A phone, Mobile Phone Company, or What?

Many of us have been using Android powered phones for some time now, while some of us are equally dreaming of upgrading to newer and better versions of Android phones. We boast of the smartness of our devices and talk so much about what it can do that amazes us. In all of these, only a few of us have ever taken time to research on the “glue” that makes this possible. I mean the Operating System – Android. So many users out there only know little about what android is. Some called it a phone, finding it difficult to distinguish between the hardware and the software. So, what is Android? Is it a phone, software or a company?

Google Launches Android 8.0 Oreo. See its top features

Since touch-based phones were introduced in the 1960s by E. A. Johnson at the Royal Radar Establishment, UK, Android OS has since taken the front seat by supporting a variety of mobile devices working on the touch interface. Though other OS such as the Apple iOS, Chrome OS and Windows have provided stern competition, the ease with which new users can operate Android and the wide APIs support have command a galore of a community of users. Several versions of this operating system have been launched and released into the mobile phone industry for manufacturers to use in developing their devices.

Tecno Spark Plus K9, Full Specifications and Price

Tecno Spark Plus K9 is the premium version and an upgrade to Tecno Spark K7. It comes with great features to wet average users of smartphones. It is, however, better, slightly, in performance to Spark K7 as it comes with a wider display size, better battery capacity, higher processor speed, bigger RAM and much functional processor type and design.

How to Backup Blogger Pages, Posts, Comments and Template

It is safer and considered best practice to have a duplicate copy of the resources in your blog. Even if not everything, at least important ones like the pages, posts you have drafted or published, comments made by visitors and most importantly the template. To backup your blogger blog isn't complicated or a complex thing to do, and depending on the number of resources you have, the time taken to do this is relatively small. It takes just a few clicks to get everything done. The only challenge here is, you may not know how to do this. So, in this post, I will show you how to backup your blogger pages, posts, comments and templates, and how you can restore or import them back to your blog when needed.

Nokia 8 Full Specifications and Price

Nokia has officially unveiled a new top of the class phone that will be of great appeal to photo lovers. Officially released 16th August 2017, this seems to possess top class qualities you had loved to check out as Nokia's recent brands of phones draw strong competition with Apple and Samsung Galaxy Phones. Nokia's drive to remain strong and unique competitors reflects on the grade of this device which boasts of a new camera technology that no other mobile phone company has ever used. Sooner, other companies will follow suit. Nokia has, however, set the pace on this one. The device equally integrates a captivating framework painstaking developed to reflect the true appearance of modern technologies. This should really be a breakthrough device for the big guys and fun lovers.

It equally has an updated version of Android Nougat and an octa-core technology to make the experience even better with high-speed processing and multi-tasking functionality. In addition to this, the stor…

Tecno Spark K7, Full Specifications and Price

The Tecno Spark is a brand of phones manufactured by Tecno Mobile to meet up with the demands for youthfulness and social media usage. According to the manufacturers, these phones are designed mostly for youths and lovers of social media. With the Spark Brand comes Tecno Spark K7 and Tecno Spark Plus K9. Released in August to follow recent feats of high quality smartphones production by the Giant Mobile Phone Company. Some few weeks ago the WX series was made available to the Nigerian market and shortly after comes Spark brands.

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Blog Post Boosting

Do you have a blog or a post you want more users to view? Have you tried other post promoting and boosting methods, but see your effort in the dust? This is an opportunity to achieve that goal of attracting more viewers. How can you do this? Facebook! It is no longer news that Facebook has the largest number of users across the world. With over 2 billion users today, Facebook is an avenue to promote your blog posts by channelling a reasonable number of these users to your blog.
 Having written and published a very rich blog post with flashback ideas and insights, getting more post views becomes the next task. As a blogger, all you want is high click rates and traffic to your post. Bloggers have suggested many ways of boosting a blog or its published posts using social media and SEO ranking strategies. However, Facebook portrays better boosting opportunity and platform to make your post go viral.

This post will walk you through on how to boost the number of views your blog or website…