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Before ordering for a Jumia Product, do this!

Before ordering Jumia's product

As you read this post, I want to believe that you are used to purchasing products online but have challenges with checking a product's feature to determine its suitability with your need, or you are about to or have plans to order for a product from an online shop like Jumia. Will, you just place orders because of the graphical analysis you see on adverts about the product or you will prefer to see the main specifications of the product? That is, what can the product achieve or do. This is common in mobile phones, electronics, computers, home appliances and office equipment.
It is nice thinking to first check out the features, functionality and performance. But, there is this problem of "I have not used the product before". Even if you haven't used a product before, you can still get a handful of information about the product through various ways from where you can make the decision to order or change your choice.

For those of you who patronise Jumia's products and have been disappointed in time past with the product you purchased, this post will serve as a guide to help you avoid whatever mistake you made before. It's not new to say that Jumia is the most used online market in Nigeria with product categories such as Fashion, Phones & Tablets, Groceries, Home & Office, Computing and many others. With just a click, you can get your product delivered anywhere in Nigeria.

More to this is the fact that you get to pay after delivery which allows you to inspect the product you want to pay for. Despite this, some buyers still encounter problems after few weeks or days of using the product. This can be minimised from the point of ordering for a product.

Some of the products offered by this company are placed for sales by third-party outlets who have a sales agreement with Jumia. Hence, the control over the quality of goods by these third-party sellers is minimal.

However, the powerful product review and specification feature incorporated into the website can help you determine the quality of a product and the likelihood of a product meeting your expectations.

I have, from careful analysis, put forward what you can do to reduce the purchase of products that do not wet your thirst. This guide is not fixed. You can add other useful methods you've seen to be effective. For example, speaking with a friend who has bought the product before or who is experienced in purchasing their products can give you that extra satisfaction-licence.

What You can do

Visit Jumia's Website and search for the product

This would be the very beginning. You need a product, visit the website, search for the product to see whether it is available, sold by a third party, placed on discount or deal and maintaining the price within your cut.

This is like doing a preliminary analysis of what you want to buy. It will give you a wider perspective and a broader understanding of the product you want to buy. Even if you will want another person to conduct the ordering, it is still good and advisable that you visit the website, search for the product and view its specifications to keep in touch with your desired product features.

  • visit
  • On the search bar, type the name of the product - that is if you do't want to go through the categories path. For sure, direct search gives a faster result than using categories option. 
  • Once the product has been displayed, click on it to get a better view of it.
  • Check the various offers associated with the product.

Check Product Specification

This is one of the areas you must pay attention to. Whatever product you click on, you have the privilege of checking the specifications given. The product specification will summarise what satisfaction you can derive when using the product concerned.

Take Gionee M5 Marathon Mini as an example, You can access the specifications from here -  It comes with these specifications to guide you in making your choice. I have only given just a few, follow the link to get the others.

  • Screen Display: 5.0 in with 720 x 1280 pixels resolution
  • OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop  
  • Battery: 4000 mAh  
  • Processor: 1.3Ghz quad core processor  
  • Storage: 16GB ROM + 2GB RAM 
  • Camera: 8MP (rear) + 5MP (front) 
  • Connectivity: 3G enabled  

To check the specifications, 

  • Click on the prospective product
  • Scroll down to locate the bar after the related products.
  • On the tab where you have a description, click on Specification close to it.
  • Read the specifications and where necessary scroll down to view all of them.

Read Users' Reviews

You can use what other users think about a product to determine what it will be like using the product. Note that this cannot be completely relied upon as users review products based on individual satisfaction and opinion, though on a scale, you can use this with a better percentage of getting the products delivery route.

Jumia product rating

This is most useful when several users have reviewed the product. Where just a few users, say 100, have reviewed the product, it becomes very confusing to make the needful decision from this kind of review.

Sometimes, this review is presented in a graphical format with the highest rating of 5.0. A product with a high customer rating of 3.5 is a good one. But, the written reviews of users remain the very best as specific comments can guide you to make a useful decision on your choice of product.

To check the Review, 
  • Click on the prospective product
  • Scroll down to locate the bar after the related products.
  • On the tab where you have the description, click on Review close to Specification.
  • Read the specifications and where necessary scroll down to view all of them

Search on the internet

Google search
The internet holds a wealth of knowledge about several topics. Luckily for you, a quick search on Google will return results that you can study and compare to sieve out what your target commodity can accomplish. This is helpful as you read from the ideas of different users, both new and seasoned users, of the product. In that sense, you will be confident of what you are going in for without a doubt.

Talk to friends and colleagues about

Sometimes, a friend, colleague or family member might have used the product. That is a great and authentic source of information for you! Ask questions to guide your decision. Questions like "What was your experience like?", "What don't you like about this product", "What task is it not accomplishing that you wished it should?", "What are the features you so much like?, etc. The answers you get from questions will definitely be useful as they give you a picture of it all.

Consult a product dealer

If you want to go further, take a stop at a retail outlet and make findings on your prospective product. You will, however, need to be sensitive to the response you get. No dealer will rubbish any product he/she wants to sell - all products up for sales are excellent! That is the common slogan of retailers. So, ask questions that will give you what you want.

Let this ring always in your mind:
Never rush to purchase a product you have no knowledge of. You might end up regretting you did so. Large sum of money can just be wasted and I think you will not want that.
These simple guides can help you to make the right choice when it comes to ordering and purchasing products from Jumia. Even though this post focused on Jumia, this same guidelines can be used with other online stores that have such features as specifications and reviews. As a matter of fact, standard and even less known online stores utilise this features to improve customer experience, develop feedback system and improve product services to other customers.


Once again, never jump into making purchases on any online store or mall without having detailed information about the product you want to order for. Using the tips above can help, not just in making orders on Jumia, also on other popular online malls.

The most important thing here is for you to place orders for the products or goods that will meet your needs, or wet your desires. 


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