Top 5 Gionee Android Phones with over 3000mAh battery

Gionee Phones have been in use and making great waves in the mobile phones' Industry for some years now since it was established in 2002 and that's probably because of the appealing and useful features, coupled with sleek designs, the manufacturers have decided to integrate into them. Though phone manufacturers like Infinix, Techno and Samsung have equally developed mobile phones with appealing features, Gionee phones still keep heads up.

Online customer reviews from malls like Jumia, Konga and Amazon have revealed how high the user satisfaction of these phones. Most especially, they seem to have long lasting power backup. Their Li-Ion battery technology guarantees longer talk time and eradicates the fear of frustration arising from frequent charging or regular purchase. With Gionee, you have you battery needs covered.

What makes a device mobile is its portability. You can carry it from one place to another with convenience, and most times put it in your pocket, purse or handbag. For portable electronic devices, you definitely need good power backup (battery) that will serve the whole length of time you will be away from a source of power supply. Sometimes, the nature of your job, does require the continual usage of your device. In such situations and when there's power failure, the capacity of the battery will determine how long the required job is carried on.

This post has been specifically created for those interested in buying Gionee phones with high battery performance. By high performance, I mean the talk time takes a considerable number of hours, allows lengthy media play time and powers internet use for a given satisfactory period. Reviews by users on online shops and friends using mobile phones, I have personal discussed with, reveal that Gionee phones are manufactured with excellent battery rating and performance.

If you want to Find out, visit Konga or Jumia for Gionee battery ratings and reviews from users.

What can you tell about battery rating?

Most people, including me - though many years back, are used to purchasing electronics with power backups without actually understanding what the ratings are all about. No one would want to use a phone whose backup drains off within 6 hours of complete charge. Not even you! One thing to look out for is the inscriptions made up of number and the power unit. Something like this: 4000mAh.

So what does that mean? It simply means 4000 milliampere per hour. That is, in one hour, only 4000 milliampere is used up. That is definitely going to take several hours for the power to elapse. So you see, the rating can in a glance, tell you what you are about to buy. The higher the value of the rating, the longer the performance you will get from it, especially if it is low-level phone. If a battery with a rating of 5200mAh can last for 18 hours of talk time, how long do you expect one with 1300mAh to last? That will definitely be 4.5 hours. Now, add other uses - like internet, playing games, watching videos, playing songs, using WiFi, and so on - to it. How long will it eventually last. That has so much to consider.

Now, let's leave this electricity grammar and look at why you need phones with high battery performance

Why you need phones with high battery performance

Make Long Hours' Calls

If you are a business manager, an administrator, a coordinating or working in a position that requires monitoring people, disseminating information or tracking activity, you definitely understand you will have to make and receive lots of calls each day. The more calls you make and receive, the more the power of your handset is used up. To ensure that you don't get disappointed and frustrated with power failure, its best bet to purchase a phone with high battery rating. It gets more meaningful to do when you know that emergency calls of high value can be missed. Always try to be on the safer side by using quality backup.

Play Games

If you are a lover of games, I guess you've had different experience on how the phones used perform. Games are known to drain battery and if you want to enjoy the game, you have to get one with high performance. Imagine you're playing a game in which it has been difficult to reach a particular level or stage and luckily for you, one day, you reached that dream level or stage. But somehow, the phone just blinks and shuts down without the game being saved. I guess you wouldn't be smiling to that. What if it happens to be an online gaming competition you were about to win and claim cool cash? You know how it will feel right away. Better battery, safer gaming!

Play Media

Mobile devices can be used to watch training, tutorials, recipes and tips on-the-go. That's what makes them mobile. At leisure or break, you might just decide to watch one of the interesting, official or academic video you just downloaded. Yeah, its OK to do so, but you can get disappointed to discover that the battery of your device has failed to support the long hours or minutes the video takes.

Use the Internet

In this era of social media interaction, all smartphones come with features and applications to socialise. WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Google+, email synchronisation apps, etc. are installed for use. Using these apps require your internet connection to be On. When internet usage is turned on, more battery power is used. for phones with low Battery Performance, you are sure to be interrupted when the power shuts down. If you're a highly social figure, emails, tweets, updates, posts, pins, etc. will definitely be missed, some of which might require emergency or prompt response.