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Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Just like every other business venture or course of life, it is always safer to gather quality and useful information before taking the dive into what you want to do. Affiliate marketing is not by any means different from these. While some authors would use codified words to show the complexity of it, they fail to put forward the ease with with any person, with a knowledge of products and internet usage, can begin this online adventure.

Affiliate or Associate Marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy in which you refer customers to the product and services of a particular business company, mostly online shopping malls such as JumiaKongaAmazoneBay, etc. and get a given amount of money (based on percentages) on the products the referred customer purchases.
This is somewhat an easy way of boosting the customer based of the selling company, who have the chance of getting their products sold by some proportion of the customers referred. This online adventure has been on for quite a long time and has since been recognised as a core method for internet marketing by most popular virtual shops. Its influx has given room for some referrers, especially bloggers to consider it a full time job, though a considerable number of people do this on part-time basis. With affiliate marketing, you can earn extra income promoting the products or simplify refer prospective buyers through your referral link.

How it Works

The functionality is quite simple. You sign up with the marketing company to promote and , or refer customers to the products under their shopping categories. You get a referral code which will be included to links, banners and images you use as the linking objects. This code, which can be generated automatically or open to your choice, in some cases, is used to uniquely track customers referred by you. When a user clicks on the link you have provided to the products, he or she is led to the webpage of the selling company to view the product(s) linked. Should the customer eventually purchase any product afterwards, you get paid a particular percentage from the customer's overall purchase. This percentage can be as high as N5000 or above depending on the amount of products purchased. The payment method is company based. While some pay monthly, others pay by a particular limit reached which vary across each affiliate program. Your own part of the strategy is to link customers to purchase goods.

Referral Methods

There are several referral methods used this day to achieve the overall goal of upping products sales. These methods depend on what you want to achieve, your capability, time availability and level of experience on this area of business service provision. Let me quickly take you through some of the commonly used methods. Note that, you can decide to use all of these methods to increase the rate of referrals you make from different platforms, use a combination of some or simplify choose one method..


This is the most used and productive method. In this case, you either write articles for a website or blog including your referral links or create your blog/website where you promote goods that you have sound knowledge of, whilst embedding your referral links wherever necessary. The advantage of this method is that, you can command a great traffic by building trust through posting of original, captivating and inspiring articles on such products you promote. Your ability to keep users wet and desiring to follow your updates can give you that edge from where you can now create links to you marketers.

Start a blog today with:

Social Media

Social Media is also another better way of marketing products, though its overall effect cannot be compared to using a website or a blog. If you are that type that has a great number of followers or friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social platforms, its quite okay to start from there. Get your friends and followers to know and like the products from your advertising company and embed referral links to their webpages. Just as with a website or blog, once the link is clicked, the client is redirected to the appropriate webpage and you are accredited for the linkage. It becomes more appealing if after a particular number of days, a product is purchased by the client - simple, you get paid your commission. This works better, if you spend so much time posting updates on these media and commanding compelling and submissive audience in your pages.

Marketing Forums and Communities

Aside social media and websites, you can link up potential buyers in forums and communities that allow link pasting. Remember that such communities must be specific to the products or niche of goods you promote. This will increase the chances of your links being clicked. In these forums, offer solutions, guides and reviews, while embedding useful links with your referral code included. If you build trust here again, you are assured the chance that your links will often be followed, since your contributions are mostly positive and helpful. 

Check out a few list below:

Email Listings

Maybe you are not interested in the above methods, but still want to promote goods, or you want to make it an additional marketing method, email listing can help you to reach a target audience with specific needs, especially if you have collected important and specific information for that purpose.
You can use mail applications to create inspiring contents and offers which you then send to those on your mailing list. Remember that the links you include in what should be short contents must contain your referral id or code to the webpages or products you're referring to. 

My advice here is that this method should be used as an addition to an already established method you use. It can be stressful, disappointing and even less productive as most people only read mails but dislike following the links given, except when such links are of particular interest and need, at that time. 

The best shot is to combine a variety of these methods specifically to drive more traffic and increase your earning. Never forget to create inspiring, compelling and original contents. The contents you create will definitely contributed to your affiliate success or failure.

Terms you should know

Below are few commonly used terms you will come across while doing affiliate marketing. This list extends beyond this, but I have chosen to give you the very basic. To read other terms, click on the link provided after the terms.

Affiliate program

This is a marketing set up involving an advertiser, affiliate network and an affiliate who agree on terms binding them to the promotion of the advertisers products. These terms usually involve the advertiser paying the affiliate and the network on services - in the form linkages - provided.


An affiliate is a person that promotes the products of a company through referrals with the focus of earning commission when referred customers purchase products from the company through the referral provided. It can also be a group of individuals tied to the terms of customer referrals and commission earning from an advertiser.

Affiliate Network

This is a linking company that accepts offers from an advertiser and translate them affiliates through ad tags and special urls. An affiliate network is like an advertisement company that employs other pseudo-referrers, called affiliates, to promote the products of a marketing company.


This is a person or company, mostly sales companies, that contracts the marketing of its products to another company with financial agreements on sales and traffic to products and services. basically, the advertiser intends to create more customer leads or traffic to the products offered for sales. while some pay based on new customers brought, many others pay on the fact that referred customers have purchased a product within a given timeline of their first visit.

Referral url

This is the specific affiliate-based link to a product offered by an advertiser. This link contains vital information that enables the affiliate network to track the source of the referral and distributed commission appropriately.


This is the amount of money an affiliate is paid for linking new customers or buyers to the products offered. This money is paid on specific terms, limits and percentages defined by the program. High commissions are offered for some products depending on their relative market importance and price, while some have just few commission.

More affiliate marketing terms

Start with this online malls 

You can commence an affiliate program with any of the given network or advertiser.


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