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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Blog Post Boosting

Do you have a blog or a post you want more users to view? Have you tried other post promoting and boosting methods, but see your effort in the dust? This is an opportunity to achieve that goal of attracting more viewers. How can you do this? Facebook! It is no longer news that Facebook has the largest number of users across the world. With over 2 billion users today, Facebook is an avenue to promote your blog posts by channelling a reasonable number of these users to your blog.

 Having written and published a very rich blog post with flashback ideas and insights, getting more post views becomes the next task. As a blogger, all you want is high click rates and traffic to your post. Bloggers have suggested many ways of boosting a blog or its published posts using social media and SEO ranking strategies. However, Facebook portrays better boosting opportunity and platform to make your post go viral.

This post will walk you through on how to boost the number of views your blog or website posts receives. Mind you, it is basically a walk-through on blog post boosting using Facebook.

Why do want to promote a blog post?

There are many reasons why you will want to promote your blog posts. These reasons are centred on the following.
You want:
  • More people to read and engage with your posts.
  • Your blog to be known by many users and equally increase subscriber’s list.
  • Blog posts to rank high, if not first, in search results from Google, Yahoo, Bing and yandex.
  • To create awareness or advertise an activity, event, product or service that will bring you money.
  • A test of your content writing skills from the comments that will be made by viewers.

Just like I stated earlier, you may have several other reasons for wanting to promote your posts. Whatever reason you have, this post will give you insights to accomplish just that.

Facebook’s Marketing Overview

Many users believe Facebook is just for community building where friends, families, colleagues and mates meet to communicate and have fun. Though the primary objective is to connect people, Facebook offers more than that. With a larger community of users over 2 billion, you cannot but imagine what it will be like to draw attention to your post and achieve your reason(s) using this social media platform.

As a fact, most businesses use the features and services offered by Facebook to promote their businesses, attract more customers and overcome strong competition from related industries and business outfits. You can also leverage on this to drive traffic to your post and blog, whilst keeping your goal in view.

Before you continue reading, note that this post assumes that you already have an active Facebook account and a blog with post (or you intend to create a post that should reach many viewers, but through Facebook).

With so much already discussed on Facebook and need for boosting a blog post, let’s just go straight to the 10 Effective ways Facebook can promote or boost your blog posts/blog.

1.            Post short and regular updates

Updates are used to register ones presence and activity. In short lines, carve out an insight that will keep your followers thoughtful. This will attract more likes and increase their surge to see more.

Many users are prone to posting long updates believing that viewers might be reluctant to click the read more link. That conception is completely wrong. Longer updates irritate, they suck and are boring. Some can cover up the whole screen preventing quick viewing of other updates, at a glance.  

A short update on the other hand, allow users to digest its meaning and overall picture in terms of meaning, logic and effect. It equally allows other updates to be quickly viewed, which is better.

Let your updates also be regular. You will command only a few number followers if you scarcely post updates. Posting regular updates on Facebook will make your followers and friends anticipatory and expectant of what you will come up with the next time, especially if you are known to create striking posts. This rocks high, when timing is added. This is discussed in section 7 of this post.

What to consider when posting updates

  • Be creative and dynamic with your choice of words and phrases.
  • Show authority to command respect and followership.
  • Let the update engage viewers. You can use questions, clich├ęs or call to action, CTA.
  • Keep it short and inspiring
  • Avoid descriptive approach.

 2.            Use short quotes from your post as update

Sometimes, lines or sentences from your post can just be that insight you need to make your post attract more viewers. The truth remains that, some of such sentences are mostly in paragraphs that can be difficult to spot by readers. For you, the author, it easier to locate, especially when reviewing what you have created. So, analyse and point out some of these lines from your post and put one at a time for your followers.

Quotes give viewers an insight on your writing skills, thoughts and command of the topic. When viewers grasp your authority of a particular topic through quotes from your post, they will want to see more. This will make them to click the read more link to go through the remaining contents, hoping to find more inspiring lines and quotes.

This might sound irrelevant. But, can I remind you that we are in an Information Age. People value the quality and authenticity of not just the information they get, but also the knowledge-base and experience of the source. You therefore have to be technical, more careful and viewer-focused when selecting the quotes you want to use as update on Facebook.

3.            Engage your audience

Engaging your audience will help you to build trust, leadership identity, confidence and reliability. With Facebook, you can engage your audience in different ways. By engaging your audience, I mean, interacting with them – answering questions, providing solutions and tips, getting feedbacks and replying their comments. You will discover, in a short time, that when you engage your followers frequently, your viewers and followers will increase. Also, the chances of your updates and blog posts links being clicked will increase.

You can engage your audience meaning 3 different ways

Reply Comments

People make comments on an update because something in it has captured their attention. When comments are made on your post, take time to reply. It might just be a simple thank you, support of an opinion, answer to a question-based comment or thumbs up. Never undermine what such like etiquettes can fetch you. You never can tell how viewers will feel and interpret the way you manage responses to your posts.

 Create a community with Facebook Group

Create a Facebook Group

Creating a community is one way to build like-minded members who will be willing to contribute to a particular topic. Make sure you the group is specific. That is, let it be framed around the main topic on which you engage members. Customise it with profile and banner pictures. Don’t forget to add links and user friendly CTAs.

Post topics that will attract dialogue in the group

A community can be as useless as being in-existent if you don’t get members to discuss and share ideas. As many times as possible, try to post a topic or question that will require members to share their thoughts. Never jump to another when the first has not been tackled. Provide answers and insights where necessary and link them to your post. Don’t post topics that you have not created blog post for. So, before you engage your community members, think of creating a blog post on it to attract more views from them.

 4.            Be an active user of Facebook

See it as a market place where your continual presence makes you to be well known and trusted by old and new customers. When you go missing frequently, your followers or members will seek “close substitutes”. That will be too bad to handle.

Try as much as possible to make your fans know that you’re available by creating regular post updates, liking their posts or comments and replying them when that is needed. Don’t just log in to watch and monitor activities on pages and groups. Instead, participate and sometimes initiate the activities to keep your own end interactive and exciting.

When users see that you are often active and participating, they will be bent on following you and checking for your next updates and interaction clues. Take this up and don’t leave it dead. Don’t forget that all you want is to boost your blog posts.

 5.            Share blog post a number of times

Sometimes when we published updates, not most people get to view them, especially when users’ pages are extremely active. What you can do in this case is to share your blog post several times but, calculatedly. In a day, you can make that twice at specific intervals. Exceeding this number can get viewers irritated since they will prefer to see newer updates rather than those they have viewed before.

You can share the same blog post 3 or four days later with another of its attractive tag or quote. Try the same strategy for four weeks, sharing at least twice and at most thrice per week. This will attract attention and put more emphasis on the relevance of the post.  Be reminded that, the reactions, responses and interactions of your followers will play a great role on the number of traffic you will drive to your blog.

6.            Create an event

People like to see events. They get excited, become ambitious and are curious about what such events will bring. They wonder the kind of experience that will be derived from it. If you plan your event with creativity and “driving expressions”, you stand the chance of commanding many followers.

While some advice that you create regular events, you have to think twice before bowing to such. When you fail to stage an event which many subscribers have booked for, subsequent events will receive deflated audience. 

Even if you intend to host Facebook events every month, plan it through and thoroughly. Think of what will be appealing to subscribers. Spell out what they will gain and how you will keep the excitements going after the event.

To create an event, follow these steps:
Login to your Facebook account.
Click on Create Event to access the event window.
Click Create Event

Provide the details of the event such as date, venue, payment method for paid events, seat reservation procedure and overview.

Enter Event name, location start and end dates
Enter the Name, Location, Start Date and End Date of the Event. You can equally change the event photo
Enter Event Description, Keywords (optional) and Ticket URL
Enter Event Description, Keywords and Ticket URL (optional)

More Event options

Share the event you’ve created with friends, group members and subscribers. For subscribers, you can use newsletters to keep reminding them of the importance, date and time of the event.

When you build confidence and trust from the success of your events, subsequent ones will command more and more followers.

7.            Schedule your posts

Don’t just share new posts from your website or blog anytime or any moment without considering how your followers utilise this resource – I mean Facebook. Monitor the best period when group members, followers and friends are mostly online and use that as the best time to share new blog posts to your page.

In addition to this, I have come to discover that posts shared or updates published in the early hours of the morning have better viewing chance. The fact is that when users login for the first time in the day, they get to see your updates. Sometimes, that can be their inspiration for the day, you never can tell.

The best catch here will be for you to combine using the early hours and periods of the day you have found out to be the best for your friends online presence. Facebook Analytics or Statistics Page can help you discover the time of peak activity of your viewers and followers.

8.            Make Images big, sharp, informative and appealing

“Where words fail to drive a meaning, pictures can do more”. This is a fact you must understand and agree with. Pictures can communicate and attract the attention of viewers if they have that special touch. Think of your profile picture. What do people say when you upload a new picture. Some will say things like, “cute”, “fine but not sharp”, “awesome”, “it’s blurred” and many others.

From this insight, let your pictures meet aesthetic appeal. Big pictures can withstand different sizes, but when pictures are small, increasing their sizes will output disgusting images that are blurred, shadowy and unappealing. Facebook users, including you, don’t get to click such images
Even if you downloaded a picture from the internet or took a short with your canon or mobile camera, do quick editing to make it appealing. Where necessary, add info-lines to give more meaning. What people see sticks and last longer in their minds and can easily be remembered. So, if you are thinking of a way to keep your followers reminiscing on your updates, events and comments, just use "BSIAP" – Big, Sharp, Informative and Appealing Pictures/Images”.

You can use tools like Corel Photo Paint, Adobe Photoshop and Paint to edit your pictures and images

9.            Use Facebook Ads

Ads are paid means of advertising your events, pages, groups, posts and website or blog. Facebook has developed different ads methods you can evaluate to pick from. You can promote your page, boost a post or draw clicks to your website.

Boost a Post

Let’s assume you have created a compelling article on your blog and have done the needful by sharing it on your Facebook page. The next thing will be how to reach more audience and increase engagements with the post. Then it’s time to boost the post. On your page where the post has been shared, locate it and beneath it you will see Boost Post button.

Click Boost Post button

You can equally achieve the same by visiting your Facebook page posts list. The lists of posts will display as shown below. Click on Boost post for the post you want to boost or promote.

Boost Post

Clicking this button will take you through the required settings. These settings include your target audience, the number of days you want the boosting to run, how much to budget and then payment. Once payment is confirmed, Facebook will do the rest to attract more post engagements, thus linking more traffic to your blog.

Select your audience, promote period and budget

You can boost as many posts as you want and monitor how they perform. But remember that posts boosting comes with financial costs.

Promote a Page

While post boosting advertises a single post, page promotion does more than that. You can promote an FB page to get more likes from users and increases the chances of your posts being engaged. To promote a page, think of eye-catching infographics that will make viewers click or like the page.

Just like a post that is boosted, to promote a page, you have to pay FB for it. You select the audience you want to reach, set promotion period (days or months) and pay as required through the available methods. Once you pay, FB will start suggesting and advertising your page to other users.

To promote a page follow the steps below:
  • Login to your account and click on the page you want to promote. It is usually at the left corner. Where it does not display, click the ellipsis below the pages.
  • Click on promote page which should be located among the page’s side menu or anywhere advertised for easy accessed.
Click Promote
Click Promote
  • Select the number of users you want to reach, their location and age range.
  • Select the product category you wish to use.
  • Set your budget and proceed to payment methods.
  • Select the payment method that suits you and make your payment.
  • Track how the page and posts are faring by check the page statistics.

Promote your website or blog

Instead of page, you can choose to promote your website or blog directly. This will drive traffic directly to your blog, unlike page promotion that drives traffic to your page first. The merit of this is that you get more blog visits. It is, however, expensive when compared to page promotion, but it’s worth the value as more traffic will be driven your way.

To promote a website or blog,
Select Get More Sites Visitors

  • Login to FB account and open the page linked with it.
  • Click on Promote Page on the list of the side menu.
  • From the flyout window, click Get more site visitors.
  • Select your audience, number of days and proceed to payment – click Promote.
  • Once you are through, click Cancel to return to the page.
Set your preference

Facebook will have to review your promotion before notifying you on permission. Before the promotion can eventually begin, there must sufficient money to cover your budget. Else, no promotion will take place. The same applies for all other paid activities.
You can also promote your website or blog directly on Facebook, without a page. All

Promote an event

As explained earlier, events engage more users and followers. The events you create can only cover the scope of friends, community members and followers. This can turn out to be small, especially when the share rate is low.

To make or enlarge the awareness and publicity of an event you’ve created, simply promote it. Note that you can only promote an event that has been published. So, to begin, create and publish the event.

Once you’ve published the event, do these:
From the list of events, click the target event and click on Boost Event.
As requested, select your target audience, number of promotion days and proceed to make payments.
Your event promotion request will be reviewed by Facebook and once approved, with enough budget, boosting begins immediately.

Monitor the performance of your Campaign (ads and promotions)

You need to track how your ads or promotions are faring. This will help you to analyse the success of your marketing needs. You can track this from two viewpoints.

The first is Facebook Statistics, while the other is from blog or web analytics. If your block is hosted by google on blogger or WordPress with Yoast plugin installed, you have nothing to worry about.
Click Insights to open FB Statistics Page

For Facebook, open the page concerned and click on Insights. This will open the statistics page that displays engagement information with your campaigns, posts boost, page views. With this, you can analyse, according to periods, the effectiveness of your campaigns and other ads related promotions you’ve created.

Campaign stats

If you are using blogger, login to your account. From the dashboard, click on Stats. Click the Sources sub-menu to view the sources of traffic to your blog. The number will at an instant give you a view of how your promotion has performed in driving traffic to your web facility.

If your blog is hosted with WordPress with an analytics such as Yoast installed, login to your account, and where necessary select the right website. Without entering the WP Admin view, from the list of menus on the sides, click Stats. Scroll to the section with Referrers. There you will view where traffic has been referred from.

What you must consider

  • Your marketing needs. This involves answering the question, “why you intend to boost a post or an event and why you want to promote a page or website”. “What do you want to achieve?” “What are the specific goals within a given timeline?”
  • The target audience. You have to consider the location, age range, category – fashion, phones, automobiles, etc.
  • Ads life span in days, weeks or moneys.
  • Your budget which is dependent on the type of campaign and duration of the campaign.

10.          Promote others posts

One thing you shouldn’t forget to do is promoting others pages, posts and updates. Promotion here means anything you do to add liveliness and positivity to others social media identity and position. You can like a post, a profile picture, a video, a page, a link shared or events.

No one will ignore your role in promoting their posts, when turn requires them to do the same thing for you. It’s just like saying, “Do unto others what you want them to do for you”. Never disregard that. Some people call it the “Golden Rule”, but here I’ve decided to call it “Posts-en Rule”.

Make comments where you think it’s necessary to, like the page invitations your friends send to you, participate in other community discussion where you can show your legacy and authority, share the posts of friends, group members and followers and give them a thumbs up. That’s it! You nail it that way and your updates will never be ignored, disregarded or waved aside.

Final Words!

Facebook is not just a social platform for fun. There are lots of business opportunities in there for use. Don’t underuse these opportunities. It can be your best shot to drive thousands of traffic to your blog and website.

As good as this appears to be, Facebook, just like other social media either promote your blogging sphere to greater heights or can kill it completely. What you do with it will determine your experience. So, be smart, cautious, calculative and goal orientated while using this method to boost your blog’s traffic.

 Now Your turn

It’s been great putting you through these 10 effective ways of promoting your blog posts with Facebook. I must say, you did well reading it through. I equally believe that you discovered a great deal of experience and techniques.

But where do you go from here? What will be your next action plan? New ideas sometimes bring doubt. It’s up to you to decide what to do next. But believe me, applying these ideas effective will bring desired success. Just give it a try.

Keep the alarm blowing. Share this to your friends and help them discover new ways of using Facebook more productively to attract more traffic.

Don’t equally forget to share your thoughts and views using the comment form below.

Happy Blogging!


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    1. Hi Michel!
      I'm glad you found this piece useful. apply them and measure the progress of your business.

      Help others gain from this by sharing the posts.

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