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Tecno Spark Plus K9, Full Specifications and Price

Tecno Spark Plus K9 is the premium version and an upgrade to Tecno Spark K7. It comes with great features to wet average users of smartphones. It is, however, better, slightly, in performance to Spark K7 as it comes with a wider display size, better battery capacity, higher processor speed, bigger RAM and much functional processor type and design.

Tecno Spark Plus K9

Recently Tecno has been releasing to the market great brands of Mobile Phones to further solidify their stand as top mobile phone manufacturers, especially in Africa. The Spark Brand described in the next section happens to be one.

Spark Plus K9 integrates exciting display features and real visualisation, especially on brightness, clearness, readability and overall quality. In case Tecno Spark K7 could not meet up with your demands and taste, step up a bit with this one. As a matter of fact, this smartphone was built to offer value for money for those who desire more from the Spark Brand.

What is the Spark Brand all About?

The Spark Brand of Tecno phones is a new mobile technology developed to raise the spark in the use of smartphones. With emphases on displaying high definition graphics on screens that makes them clearer and brighter.
This is exactly what the social media craves for - high resolution pictures with sparkling sights clear enough to attract more likes, comments, reactions and followers.
With these brands of phones, readability is ensured even in direct sunlight. In addition, these series deliver brighter colours and details extending to the resolution of games, videos and photos.

Top Features of Tecno Spark Plus K9

Techno Spark Plus shares almost the same features with its predecessor. The differences have been given at the end of the post for better comparisons. For now, let's take a quick look at some of its top features.


This phone's major features and performance have been built around the display. Everything you see is clearer, brighter and just the way you see it. No effect or lesser version of what you capture is displayed. Just displayed in the reality of it. With an HD 6 inches Bright Screen, you can watch videos locally or stream on social media, view slideshows of your favourite pictures and play games with higher visual effects and display.

Its brightness adapts to the environment and function. No eye-straining, resulting from poor illumination, affects users. Additionally, no extra light is needed. Everything displayed, anytime, is handled satisfactorily.


Tecno Spark Plus K9 has been designed perfectly for Selfie "addicts" and those in need of better camera pixels for capturing pictures. With a 13.0MP rear camera, you can capture your on-spot moments and sights with "Real" pictures whose resolution can withstand changes and formatting. Incorporating the Flash means your pictures can be taken anytime anywhere - night or day!
It captures photos with 50% brightness at 75% noise reduction capacity.

It equally comes with an average front camera of 5.0MP with Flash and Screen Flash to allow you capture exciting moments with friends and colleagues on the go. With that, your social media presence and update will remain lively. You get your holiday experiences uploaded the moment they are captured to share the excitements with friends, family members, followers and colleagues. With ISP 3.0 Noise reduction technology, your selfies are impressively clear. The front flash pairs and screen flash provide balanced lighting to get bright selfies in low illuminations and back-light conditions.


Spark Fingerprint Sensor

Security is definitely needed and a required feature in modern smartphones to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive and confidential information. It integrates a Fingerprint Sensor Module that secures the documents, files and other information you store in it. Specific reading and speedy identification of who you are is another of the core technology of the sensor. The more you use it, the more intelligently it responds and uniquely identifies you.

With your unique fingerprints, access to your phone's resources is highly prevented, thus securing delicate and personal files and information.


At first sight, you can start telling the story of the aesthetic appeal of this phone. Holding it further heightens the appeal as it sports a sleek uni-body and subtle feel with mildly curved frames for comfortable and convenient one-hand grasp. It appears that everything included to the sleek design has been carefully crafted and position to enhance, magnify and maximise the visual satisfaction users derived from using the device. The product has four different colours to choose from. There is Champagne Gold, Anthracite Grey, Elegant Blue and Scarlet Red. Whichever suits your style and fashion is up for grasps from popular online stores - Jumia or Konga.

Operating System

Just like other released spark phones, Spark Plus K9 runs on the Android 7.0 Operating System known as Android Nougat. This OS delivers multi-tasking capabilities and functions allowing users to view, open and work on several applications without the need to close any of the open applications. The functions and performance get even more intriguing when customised launchers and themes are installed. Convert applications to thumbnail shortcuts for quick access and group them into folders to enhanced categories for better reach.


It pits a considerable storage capacity for saving your files and documents for mobile sharing. Gifted with a RAM size of 2GB and a Quad-Core Processor, its processing speed is quite good. It also comes with a  ROM size of 16GB. This storage capacity is expandable with an SD Card size of up to 64GB to store your photos, music by favourite artists, interesting videos, recorded videos and sounds, documents and other important files.

You can save .apk files to share with your friends and equally transfer to a second device or a new phone.


With a 3400mAh battery, the standby time is approximated at 1.5 days, while the heavy usage time is 1 day (that is roughly 24 hours). Unlike Spark K7, this Spark Plus version has full support for fast charging technology which ensures that the battery gets fully charged within a short time.

Available and Price 

You can place your purchase orders for this phone in popular online malls. Jumia is taking the lead in this case. Click here to view Jumia offers and prices.

Full Specifications


6 inches 
HD 1280 x 720 pixels
159 x 78.8 x 8.4mm
Display Type
Screen Protection
Champagne Gold, Anthracite Grey, Elegant Blue, Scarlet Red


Processor Speed
1.5 GHz
Processor Type


2 GB
ROM (Internal Memory)
16 GB
Expandable Storage Type
Micro SD Card
Expandable up to
64 GB

Rear Camera
13 MP
Rear Camera Design
LED Flash, autofocus
Front Camera
5 MP
Front Camera Design
Pairs of Flash
Dual SIM
SIM 1 Type
Micro SIM
SIM 2 Type
Micro SIM
Yes (GSM 900/1800)
4G Lite


Wi-Fi Hotspot
Yes (802.11 b/g/n)
USB Port
Yes (micro USB v2.0)


Digital Compass
Proximity Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Fingerprint Sensor
Gesture Control
Voice Control


Standby Time
36 hours (1.5 days)
Heavy Use Time
24 hours (1 Day)
Battery Type
Fast Charging
Wireless Charging
Solar Charging/Power


Video Player
Yes (MP4, 3GP, WMV, H.264, H.263 Player) 
Music Player
Yes (MP3, WAV, eAAC+ WMA Player)
FM Radio
Video Streaming
Headphone Jack


Water Resistant
Dust Resistant
In-built Antivirus
Google Play Integration

Differences Spark K7 and Spark Plus K9

Spark Plus K9
Display Size
5.5 Inches
6 Inches
Processor Speed
1.3 GHz
1.5 GHZ
Battery Capacity
Coral Blue, Metallic Red, Phantom Black
Anthracite Grey, Elegant Blue, Scarlet Red
Battery Type
Check Offers
Check Offers


  1. Is there another variation of the Spark Plus with 3GB Ram?

    1. For now, there is no variation with such memory capacity. Keep watch on this blog and you will get update when Tecno upgrades on this product. Better still, subscribe to receive updates sent directly to your inbox or reach me via the contact form.


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