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How to submit your blog or site to Google, Yahoo and Bing for indexing

Every web page or site you access by conducting a search using google, yahoo, Bing or Baidu has been indexed. That is why you can type a search query and get results. Internet users have so much relied on the use of these engines for information sourcing. This is because it is easier to reach quality resources that way than to hunt for websites using addresses you might not even remember. Research has revealed that websites that appear topmost in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) get higher click rates. As a blog or website owner, that is exactly what you want to see. You want to feel relaxed that your blog posts are visible to many and can attract organic traffic from search engines. One thing is however needed as step one to achieving this and that is:
 Submitting your blog for search engines indexing.
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Top 8 Features of Infinix XOS Chameleon Android OS

Smartphones have been around for a few years now and have taken over the mobile phone industry. Every Big Guy would normally pose with his 'toy' to show off his level and class. These phones are driven by touch-based Operating Systems that allow users to make commands or inputs via screen touch. Most of them are powered by Android OS, though other OS such Chrome OS, Apple iOS and Mozilla have equally been used.

Android’s Open Source project permits manufacturers to customise their OS, under the freeware license agreement, to adding features to their demands and make it suitable for their technologies. Nokia saw this to be useful in their development of Nokia X and XL. Now Infinix has followed suit by developing theirs using the license and decided to term it XOS Chameleon. Then, what is XOS all about? What are the differences it offers in terms of features and user experience? This and many others are what you will want to know. Maybe you want more insights on what this brand…

How to Publish a Post on Blogger using Email

Even though blogger boost of a very rich text editor and an interface for writing and publishing posts, there are periods when you might be on the move and an idea will just pop in for you to write an article on. It might even be a news or a discovery. The need to publish any of these as soon as possible could be there.  Convenience might just be another factor, especially if you are away from your PC. You can use the alternative – a mobile phone or tablet to put down this idea. How will you use that? Mobile phones can be discouraging to use with blogger post writing interface. You definitely need an alternative idea that will work better and help you achieve the task of publishing that post. Only a few of us have discovered that you can publish your posts to blogger from anywhere using an email-supported mobile device. Therefore, in this post, I will take through the steps you need to publish posts to blogger using your email while on the go – maybe travelling, in a party with frien…