Top 8 Features of Infinix XOS Chameleon Android OS

Smartphones have been around for a few years now and have taken over the mobile phone industry. Every Big Guy would normally pose with his 'toy' to show off his level and class. These phones are driven by touch-based Operating Systems that allow users to make commands or inputs via screen touch. Most of them are powered by Android OS, though other OS such Chrome OS, Apple iOS and Mozilla have equally been used.

Android’s Open Source project permits manufacturers to customise their OS, under the freeware license agreement, to adding features to their demands and make it suitable for their technologies. Nokia saw this to be useful in their development of Nokia X and XL. Now Infinix has followed suit by developing theirs using the license and decided to term it XOS Chameleon. Then, what is XOS all about? What are the differences it offers in terms of features and user experience? This and many others are what you will want to know. Maybe you want more insights on what this brand of OS is that makes it so pronounced by Infinix. In this post, I have provided this information (maybe answers) to all you need to know about this Operating System.
Infinix XOS Chameleon

What is XOS Chameleon all about?

The Infinix XOS Chameleon is a customised operating system or user interface based on the Android OS. It first released was based on Android N also known as Marshmallow. Since Android operates under the Open Software platform, it offered Infinix the opportunity to customise the functionalities, appearance, interface and operations of the OS. While some called an operating system, others refer to it as a user interface. Whatever name you choose does not matter. However, one thing remains certain that this platform is an extension of Android developed to offer more flexibility, security, beauty and performance. 

Top Features of XOS

1.            Camera

It’s always a good feeling to capture your moments with friends and colleagues. For this reason, modern phones are manufactured to capture images and photos in a more intriguing and appealing manner. Operating Systems have been developed to complement this feature.
XOS is not left out in this move to take pictures in the real sense of it. It is in fact built around this – giving users a clearer shot of both images and videos fully optimised for beauty and aesthesis.  This OS prevents image blurring and delivers the capability of capturing important moments with elegant clarity and detail. With functions such as Metering, Shutter Time, ISO, EV, White Balance and Focal Length Adjustment, quality images and photos can be taken at a distance.

This is definitely a make for photo lovers and selfie stars. With this OS, you have what it takes to capture your world in a more fascinating way. The experience gets even thrilling when functioning on a device with better camera pixels.

Aside from these functions, the OS offers other well-known functionalities such as brightness, night mode, saturation, red eye amongst many others.

2.            Multi Window (Multitasking)

The Operating System is multitasking. That is, it allows several tasks to be performed by different applications at the same time without interrupting the functioning and performance of other open applications. Just like in your PC and recent Android OS, you can choose between many open applications to work.

XOS enables users to minimise open applications by dragging the application window in multitask bar to the top of the screen, thus creating room for another app to be selected. By so doing, the functioning and operation of other Apps are not interrupted or obstructed.

The multitasking feature is most useful in a scenario as the one given below.
Let’s assume you were drafting a report, but need an input from information held on a spreadsheet or a message sent to you. Normally, you would be required to save and close your draft report, then open the app where the needed information is to be retrieved before reopening your report. This can be discouraging, stressful and unproductive. With this feature now, you only need to open all the necessary apps and maximise the one you want to work on without closing the other apps. Any information from other applications can be obtained by maximising the needed application.
This will increase the speed of operation, boost productivity and make your work easier and enjoyable.

3.            XTheme

This is definitely a world of beauty and aesthetic appeal. With XTheme you can just tap your device to unveil a world of unlimited beauty enshrined in colourful themes and gorgeous wallpapers. Definitely, colours and appearance can have a psychological impact on users. So, this feature has been carefully developed to keep the fancy going. There are several wallpapers to choose from. You can also easily customise the themes and wallpapers of your device running on this OS to fit your mood and environment.
Live wallpapers are also supported to deliver dynamic beauty for more fun and happiness.

4.            MagicMovie

Sometimes, you may want to have the video format of your wonderful moments to share with friends and followers. One thing is sure, you want the quality of the video to be good. Your friends and followers will equally like to see the real you in an attractive way or whatever you record in a clear format. Even if it a video in which you are not featured, it is quite good to record high-quality video.

This feature, MagicMovie enables users to record their moments while paying attention to quality and naturality. Built with a variety of filters, fast-shooting lens, and real-time special effects, you can tell your story with personality and style that rubs the feel on viewers. With this, you can quickly share your movies with your friends and fans using the Quick sharing functions built into the OS.

Infinix XOS Chameleon

5.            Magazine Lockscreen

Users of Windows 8 or the revised version, Windows 8.1, will surely be familiar with this feature, though slight differences exist as regarding the presentation and functioning. Sometimes, you get to customise your lockscreen to display a particular static image. Well, that may sound good, especially if you use a beautiful picture.

Even with that, the aesthetic appeal cannot be compared to having dynamic, informative and motivational pictures and quotes every moment you activate lockscreen. Magazine lockscreen delivers just this feeling. It displays dynamic mottos, beautiful wallpapers, and sentences every time you light up the screen to inspire your moment, bring the enjoyment and feeling closer to your soul.

6.            XShare

Sharing has never been this easy and fast. Do you want to share your files and apps with others in a more flexible and faster way? Then this feature will do just that. With XShare, you can share with freedom and ease at speeds 200 times faster than traditional Bluetooth!

Also, creating or joining a network is quite simple. Using Wi-Fi, all you have to do is to scan the QR code to quickly create a network with friends to send and receive without consuming valuable data. You can send and receive videos, music, apps, photos, and documents at ease.

7.            Fingerprint

XOS Chameleon Fingerprint scanner

Security has become a core requirement in the development of modern mobile devices, hence the software platforms are not left out. Just like me, you consider your personal information important and thus, must be prevented from external access, except by consent.

The Fingerprint sensing feature that comes with this OS relies on finger print identification to unlock and activate contents you have locked with it. The level of security provided by this feature is indeed high. For instance, hardly can you find another person with the same finger print like yours. So, from a direct perspective, it will be difficult for others to gain unauthorised access to your contents.

Think of securing your music, photo library, apps, videos and documents and this feature can come right in to make it certain. With just a finger you can activate management controls and functionality for the camera, calls, and your photos. Virtually, you will experience enhanced protection and unmatched control, all at your fingertips.

8.            XHide

If the Fingerprint security feature had not been able to cover all your security needs, XHide makes it complete. The combination of these two features will deliver a very tight security platform that will be quite difficult for intruders to crack through. While Fingerprint requires your finger print to unlock and activate contents you have locked though still visible to others, XHide completely hides contents making it hard for others to see the contents.

According to the developers, 'Personal information remains private and protected with XHide including contacts, history, messages, your photos and videos'. In addition to this, you can hide your favourite music and applications from others with complete and secure content management.

9.            Freezer

Sometimes, you can get frustrated when you try to load some apps on your phone, but only to discover that they are either not responding or taking a long time to load. In most serious cases, your mobile phone can freeze for a very long time requiring a reboot to get it functioning again. When the need for urgency arises, such phones cannot be trusted or relied on. This is why Infinix added Freezer to the development of this customised OS.

With freezer, apps load faster and unnecessary hanging and freezing of your phone are eradicated. One way this feature achieves this is by managing the use of memory by unused apps, thus, creating memory space for other applications to function effectively and as required. Freezer allows your device to run with optimal efficiency as it tucks away and retrieves apps as needed to keep operations fresh and optimal any moment.

Final Words

This is indeed an intriguing technology aimed at enhancing and improving users' satisfaction by delivering it functionalities in the simplest of ways, yet achieving greater goals. Having been in circulation for some months now, many are eager to use this OS. previous Infinix phones have less or no support for this new technology, but latest Infinix phones such as Hot 4, Hot 4 lite, Hot 5 and Hot 5 lite, come fully powered with this OS.

You can lay your hands on these phones and subsequent ones to be manufactured by Infinix to feel what others are feeling and equally enjoy the features loaded here.


  1. Great share......Operating Systems have developed a lot in last 15 years. Starting from black and white phones to recent smart phones or mini computers, mobile OS has come far away. Especially for smart phones, Mobile OS has greatly evolved from Palm OS in 1996 to Windows pocket PC in 2000 then to Blackberry OS and Android. If you want to know more, please check it out : Android Tips & Tricks

    1. Hi Smith!
      Thanks for the recognition there. Indeed, there has been great transition of OS since its very first version was released.

  2. Can I ask a question? If WhatsApp icon is transferred using xshare to another phone,does it mean that the other phone will have access to my WhatsApp messages as well?

    1. Xshare will only transfer WhatsApp apk (installation) file which the receiver will install his or her phone to equally run WhatsApp.

      So, the answer is no. He or she cannot have access to your messages.

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