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How to Create, Publish and Schedule a Post in Blogger

Blogging, at the basic sense, is all about creating and publishing posts (or articles) to communicate an idea, a discovery, a feeling or thought. Though these can be communicated via other means like audio or video formats, using textual posts (content-based) remain the most preferred means. Most blogs are composed of articles spiced with pictures or images to sustain readability and improve readers' understanding. Even if you're are posting videos, there is always the need to transcribe such videos into textual formats to enhance accessibility. Doing so requires creating and publishing written posts.

Having hosted your blog and have done the basics, the next thing is creating a piece of writing and hitting the publish button to get started. While some of us are conversant with the process and features for doing this, others, especially newbies might not fully know how to perform this important aspect. Blogger provides a rich post editing interface for formatting your write-u…

Nokia 2 Full Specifications and Price

Nokia's numerical nomenclature of phones has recently attracted much patronage. It is argued that Nokia's decision to integrate full Android OS has been responsible for this upsurge in patronage. Whether that is true or not doesn't really matter. What matters is the features added, experience derived by users, and the overall appeal of these brand of phones. Not long ago, Nokia 8 was released and made available in the market with intriguing features such as simultaneous camera capturing, excellent UX designs, and high-class performance control features. Somehow, it appears Nokia 8 was made for high-class users as the price dictates. Now, Nokia 2 has come to complement the need for quality, smartness and equitable price. No need to overshoot your budget, just plan within and get what is quality. The top features and full specifications of Nokia 2 have been given below to help you know what to expect from this Nokia brand of phone.

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