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Infinix Hot 4 pro: Full Specifications and Price in Nigeria

Infinix Hot Pro is an upgrade to the two previous versions of the Infinix Hot 4 series of smartphone - Hot 4 and Hot 4 Lite. This seemingly amazing smartphone was developed late last year to provide users with excitements and optimisation. Adding to the fact that the phone runs on Infnix XOS Chameleon OS, it becomes more productive to for business, social media, communication, gaming, and management. Infinix has been known to wow their users with cutting-edge, top class, and dynamic smartphones with awesome features to wet their thirst while delivering core performance of modern phones. Hot Pro (also known Infinix X556) happens to be one of such phones. It integrates improved security features, performance management, power optimisation, high definition graphics for media display, and a 'heart' for social media enthusiasts. The high-grade power backup ensures that you can talk a long period without the fear of power failure or interruption of any kind.

It is indeed a phone you…

How to Use XOS Chameleon to Hide/Unhide Apps, Pictures, Videos and Documents

With the universe transiting every day towards the mobile grid, mobile devices have become the smart tool for administrative duties, team management, communication, data storage, and other activities of high importance. The portability attached to these devices have made them so relevant that top business establishments provide their staffs with them to get things done even on the go. This is seen as a great technological leap expected to ease activities and enhance productivity.

Using mobile phones for managing accounts, staffs, personal business, large business units, government activities, and many others requires storing some confidential information on the phone. That translate to the need for security and XOS Chameleon's XHide App provides just that needed protection against unauthorised access to files, folders, and applications on the phone.

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10 Tips to Manage Your Smartphone Battery

Smartphones are the waves of the modern age. Everyone, from young to old, craves to have one of these highly adorned mobile gadgets. To some, it has replaced the role of friends and relatives as they find it difficult to do without one. Adding to the zeal for owning one of these mobile devices is the popularity of the social media. With smartphones, you can chat with friends and colleagues using social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, 2go, Imo, Snapchat, and many others.
Since smartphones are built keeping in mind the need for mobility, a power backup is usually integrated into the design. This backup provides the needed electrical supply for the components to work and to perform other smart-related tasks such as surfing the internet, watching videos, accessing navigational directives, and communication. The power rating of the battery determines how long you can use the phone before a charge is needed. On another side, the applications, operating system, usage,…

Is your target Phone WhatsApp Compliant? Find out!

While making the decision on the type of smartphone to purchase, compliance with WhatsApp is considered a major feature of an ideal phone in this age. I hear prospective customers, emphatically, ask the question, ‘does WhatsApp function properly on the phone or does the phone support the use of WhatsApp?’. On one side, one might begin to wonder why this social media app has become a quick hit that top phone manufacturers like Nokia, Gionee, Infinix, etc. take into consideration when developing their smartphones. Has it become the most important application on smartphones? Though no, but the reality is that virtually every smartphone user wants to see this application functioning perfectly on their devices. WhatsApp boasts of over a billion users since its inception in which is statistically a booming figure and growth rate
Despite the high number of users that WhatsApp has, it’s unfortunate that not every smartphone user will get to use this app on their phone. This is because, on Ja…