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Top 5 Features of Android Oreo 8.1 (Go Edition)

Not long ago, Google released Android Oreo, also known as Android O or Android 8, which smartphone manufacturers have since integrated into some of their latest products. It's no longer news that Android has become a household name in the mobile operating system sector as most smartphones ship one version or another. Changes in hardware technology, the dynamism of users' demand and expectation, and competitiveness have birthed the development of several Android versions to this time.

Now Android Oreo 8.1, Go Edition comes as the latest of these series of versions. What does Google intend to achieve with this new release? Or are there features that offer better performances and respond to the mild hitches discovered while using other versions?

The answer to these questions is not far-fetched. As you would have thought of it, something inspired this recent development which comes in within a short time frame after Android Oreo was released by the tech giants.

Sagar Kamdar, Andr…

How to grow your Business /Blog with WhatsApp: The Business Perspective

Growing businesses has never been an easy task, whether small or large settings. From customer satisfaction, optimisation, digital marketing to returns on investment, it requires commitment, technicality, skills, passion, and foresight. Luckily, blogs have simplified major aspects of handling business growth such as reaching new and sustaining existing customers. Top business organisations employ experts to control this area of their investment.
While solutions such as blogging have contributed greatly to the plans of business growth, a major concern remains. You must be a skill IT and internet person to make a name with this solution. Mastery of areas such as Search Engine Optimisation, content development, graphics, email marketing, and social media marketing is needed to register your presence and command followership.
This can take years of research, investment, advertisement, and personal development. Alternatively, WhatsApp, a sub-domain of the social media can aid you to alleviat…