Top 5 Features of Android Oreo 8.1 (Go Edition)

Not long ago, Google released Android Oreo, also known as Android O or Android 8, which smartphone manufacturers have since integrated into some of their latest products. It's no longer news that Android has become a household name in the mobile operating system sector as most smartphones ship one version or another. Changes in hardware technology, the dynamism of users' demand and expectation, and competitiveness have birthed the development of several Android versions to this time.

Now Android Oreo 8.1, Go Edition comes as the latest of these series of versions. What does Google intend to achieve with this new release? Or are there features that offer better performances and respond to the mild hitches discovered while using other versions?

The answer to these questions is not far-fetched. As you would have thought of it, something inspired this recent development which comes in within a short time frame after Android Oreo was released by the tech giants.

Sagar Kamdar, Android's Director of Product Management provided a clue by stating this:

Since Android’s creation, our mission has been to bring the power of computing to everyone. As a global operating system, Android has grown to more than 2 billion active devices around the world, with more users in India than the U.S.
To make sure billions more people can get access to computing, it’s important that entry-level devices are fully functioning smartphones that can browse the web and use apps. 

Implying from this, Android 8.1 is developed to, expand the scope of usage by providing compatibility with several other devices and improve performance.

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Credit: Google

Quick Summary of the Features

1. Lightweight applications tailored to improve storage management and optimisation
2. Better performance stemming from optimised applications to enhance the experience.
3. Excellent data saving and management features.
4. Reliable security to keep your phone's data safe and secure.
5. Improved apps development team delivering reliable suites.

These features might seem less emphasised, but a tip of it will do. You can have a glimpse of this experience also on XOS Chameleon OS which integrates excellent data management features, tighter security, improved performance and speed.

Now, let's take a dive into the full details of these features ...

#1 Faster Performance

Nothing is as appealing as having your phone respond and operate at speeds that make operations pleasing. We all frown at slow OS because they suck and heighten stress. Android 8.1 has been designed to speed up performance. 

While some of the existing Google apps have been enhanced and optimised, a few new ones have been built, taking the need for performance into consideration. Sending emails, finding directions, and playing games have been fully optimised. This ensures that operations, via the use of these apps, are carried out in a faster way.

Entry-level devices will have a speed boost of about 15% compared to other versions of the Android OS. This is seen as a huge boost for saving and maximising time. With this, if all entry-level Android devices launched apps 15% faster, that would save the world a cumulative one million hours of time every day.

That is the positive contribution of this development which manufacturers will really love to throw to customers and users of their devices.

#2 Data Management

Internet connectivity is a major feature of modern smartphones and it involves the use of cellular data. The amount of data used to access internet facilities and social media platforms reached peak levels with some of these operating systems as lesser data management features were used.

This has, however, been highly resolved with most of the preinstalled applications developed to support data saving. For example, Google Chrome comes with a data saver feature that saves how data is used for browsing and accessible web resources. This saves up to 60% of data, which is a fantastic way of helping users maximise the amount the spend of data. 

Additionally, a data saver feature comes with this OS and is activated by default. With this feature turned on, unnecessary data consumption is monitored and put in order. With this feature, the apps that use data can be managed, just as when the data is used by these apps.

This aids users in determining when some applications should access data usage and the amount of data they can use. Having this function will enable users to be in total control of their data and derive more happiness from it.

#3 Improved Security 

Security is as important as having one of the devices running on this OS. You need to protect your files, the kind of applications you download and install on your device, and permissions granted to some apps to access certain information on the device.

Entry-level devices will now enjoy the performances of Google Play Protect. This feature keeps your apps and data safe 24/7. So, you can relax and not be troubled by loads of malicious attacks spiralling the internet and other infection sources.

With Play Protect, users can now receive useful information on the security of apps they intend to download or install on their phones. The most intriguing and useful part of it the ability of Play Protect to function offline. That means even you are offline or short of data but intends to install an app, you will enjoy full security backup to keep your device safe. Irrespective of where the app was downloaded from, it will be scanned and installed by Play protect.

Added to this security feature is the ability to track down your device. Should your device be stolen or lost, you can simply sign in to your Google account to track it down, set a passcode to prevent others from gaining access to it or wipe it clean to protect your confidential information.

Then again, backup scans run regularly in the device to block and identify possible security leakages. These scans are carried with optimised processes to minimise data usage.

#4 Efficient Storage Management

We all need more or sufficient space to store documents, files, music, apps and photos. Normally, entry-level devices are shipped with the space chunked up by the OS and preinstalled apps leaving little space for storing personal files. This has been highly resolved by this latest release.

Both the OS and pre-installed applications have been optimised to take up lesser storage space, thus, creating more space for installing personal applications and other documents/files. The small size apps and magnificent storage control capability featured by Android Oreo 8.1 (Go Edition) provided 2x storage space for solving storage management issues experienced with other versions.

#5 Optimised Google Apps

The development of this OS allowed app developers to make excellent contributions to high-performance, fast, and reliable applications with great scalability. This teaming up resulted in the development of application suites branded Go Apps. While existing apps have been optimised, new ones have equally been added to make users enjoy their devices.

I will briefly describe some of these Go apps.
Credit: Google

Ready, Set, Go...


This is a third party smart keyboard that offers everything you want to see on a keyboard. You can type in several languages, add symbols, or use emojis and GIFs to express emotions and feelings. There is an autocorrect features to reduces typos and voice typing feature where you feel that is necessary.

Google Assistant Go

This app, as the name implies, offers cutting-edge assistance to users from providing answers to questions, to managing personal activities. You can quickly send messages, make calls, set alarms, access the web, navigate through the device with your voice and a single touch of the screen. this grants you the convenience you need.

Files Go

This is a new file management application created to help users navigate through directories and folders, sort, and delete unwanted files. With this app, one can easily identify duplicate files, share files on Wi-Fi and save storage space.

YouTube Go

One major feature you will love YouTube Go for is the offline video function. You can download videos overnight and watch them later. Also, the app allows users to share videos through a local Wi-Fi connection.

Google Go

This is a light-weight search app that gives room for integrating different search queries. Search results are displayed faster as the development has given consideration to speed, and data management. Users can search for websites, gifs, images, videos, and files with minimal typing input at a faster speed.

Google Play

You aren't new to Google Play, but there is something exciting you had love to know - Apps recommendation! With this optimised new Google Play app, you can receive recommendations on popular apps that will run and perform well on your device.

This will ensure that every app you download, as recommend, performs as expected. You are not to bother about the specification as this is automatically handled.

In addition to the Google Go App Suites Chrome, other well-known apps have been optimised to align with the Building for billions guidelines provided by Google. For instance, Google Chrome has been built to save enormous data when used.

Final Word

Google has created the platform for companies, especially those in India, to develop their next devices on the architecture provided by this OS. As a matter of fact, MediaTek has gone in front to develop processors that will heighten the experience of using Android Oreo 8.1 Go Edition.

Be on the lookout as entry devices will now come with fully supported functionality.

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