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How to make the most of Jumia Mobile Week

Jumia’s annual ‘Rituals’ – The Mobile Week – is back again and this time around with a boom and improved delivery plans. Jumia, arguably, Nigeria’s largest online shopping mall has been up to the task of shocking customers with tailored deals to help them purchase their dream products at discounted prices. In addition to the Deals of the day, the giant company has launched the Mobile Week to further subsidise mobile products to customers.

This is seen as the biggest mobile phone sale of the year as the products have been hugely discounted. Whether you are running a Jumia Affiliate Program or just a customer, this is a great opportunity. For the former, it’s a chance to increase your earnings from commissions, while customers can use this opportunity to save money by purchasing these products at seemingly lesser prices.

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Jumia Mobile Week

 How long will it last?

This is where you need to act fast to avoid missing out of this opportunity. The Mobile Week has been set to last from Monday, March 19th to Sunday, March 25th. During this period, customers will have access to highly discounted mobile products such as phones, tablets and mobile accessories. Depending on what your choice is, you can always place your order.

In addition, there will be flash sales from midnight, 12am, on the 19th (Monday) of March.
Remember that you’re not the only one seeing this. Others are acting to get theirs immediately. So, do not hesitate to make your offers.

Making the most of this Mobile Week.

On one hand, it’s a good opportunity presented by Jumia to her customers to purchase mobile products at lower prices – compared to the usually marked prices of some of the products. However, miscalculation, inability to order for what suits you and lack of understanding of online shopping can lead to pains and regrets.

For example, you might end up purchasing a phone that doesn’t meet up with your social media (selfie, quality camera, network, etc.) needs or has below-grade internet capabilities. To help you avoid such regrets, I have explained 7 ways to make the most of this Jumia’s Mobile Week.

#1           Understand the features of what you want

This is most vital if you intend to purchase a mobile phone (smart or not) or a tablet. There are key smartphone features you must consider before delving into the online mall to place an order for any mobile product. Though several features exist to check out, but some are key and cut across all kinds of smartphones and tablets.

For instance, the battery capacity, type of operating system, RAM and ROM (memory space) size, processor speed, network, connectivity, camera pixels, and optimisation features are vital to smartphones if you desire to make the most of what you purchase. Checking the rating, availability or nature of these features will guide you in picking what will give you the satisfaction you deserve.

#2           Check phone reviews and specifications

Stemming from the kind of features you desire to see on your product, proceed to find out whether the phone or tablet you want to purchase has such. There are several phone reviews that will show you the features of each phone. From there, you can decide to place order or not.

Check the reviews of these phones:

While blogs like this one give you free access to several phone reviews, you can supplement that while the individual pages of the products from Jumia’s website. The only hitch is that the specifications of some of the products on Jumia’s website are not comprehensive enough to give you a full knowledge of what you want to purchase.

#3           Make findings from others

Yes, it’s possible that what you want to purchase has been used by someone close to you or there are other people around you that know so much about the product. What you can simply do is to tell others and seek their opinion. Those who have used the product before or have had friends who used them will tell you how it works, what it offers and its shortcomings.

You can extend your findings net to other places like online discussion platforms such as forums, Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, communities, etc. Additionally, visit a vendor close to you and ask. On this – visiting a vendor – I will advise you to be careful and ask technical questions. Because no vendor will want to degrade his/her product even if the product is the worst available on the market.

#4           Place prompt orders

This will be a game of first come first serve. Many other people are tracking the available goods and are watching the time to lunch their nets and capture one. Don’t procrastinate by saying I will go for it tomorrow. It might be too late – someone might order a product you’ve set your mind on. Once the financial resources are available, go for it. You can always book online and get the goods delivered to your chosen address. Place your Mobile Week order here.

Discounted phone

#5           Track your order

While it is ok to place an order, to ensure fast and safe delivery, you need to monitor the progress made in delivering your good. Using the account you used to make the order, log in and click on track delivery to see the progress made so far. Even if you ordered on the last day, keep tracking to ensure that your product(s) is/are delivered as appropriate.

#6           Use Jumia Express to speed up delivery (24 hours)

Do you want faster delivery within 24 hours of making an order? Then use Jumia Express delivery service. Using this service will increase the priority of your order and as such ensure that you get your product within 24 hours. You will only have to pay more for COT (Cost of Transportation) compared to the normal 7 working days delivery service.

#7           Pay at point of delivery

During sales periods like this, Jumia often collaborates with several sales outlets and service providers to deliver discounted products to customers. You never can tell the quality of the products from the images and specifications you view online. Paying at the point of delivery remains the safer way of purchasing these products.

While generating your invoice for an order, use Pay at Delivery. What this simply means is that you will have to pay Jumia once the product is delivered and confirmed to be ok. You can pay with cash, ATM card or other online payment services at your disposal.


This is a one-off opportunity to purchase cheaper phones, tablets and mobile accessories at cheaper prices. Don’t miss this opportunity and place your order today.

I wish a wonderful Mobile shopping Week!


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