7 Amazing Features of HiOS Launcher Plus Everything about the OS

HiOS is a cutting-edge, fully customised Operating System built on the existing Android OS and streamlined for Tecno phones. It combines a set of intriguing features to deliver an excellent user experience reminiscent of modern technologies noted for speed, flexibility, high performance, interactivity, optimisation, and entertainment.

For many years, Operating Systems, OS, have remained the glue that enables humans to interact with, and give instructions to different kinds of machines and digital devices. They provide a User Interface, UI, that is easy to understand, and guides the operation of complex processes, albeit conveniently. Manufacturers invest time, resources and money in developing them because of their relative importance. 

Extensive research and monitoring of user experience have even boosted the development of this tailored OS. Now, customized Operating Systems for mobile phones are on the increase. From Android OS, XOS Chameleon, iOS, to Tecno HiOS, so much has been accomplished. 

Its operational features make HiOS a top-class mobile operating System suited to run on modern devices. It offers seamless operational flow and sustains the durability of mobile devices. Since its first release, Tecno has developed other versions such as HiOS 4.1, HiOS 5.0, among others.

The first version, HiOS 1.0 was based on Android 6 Marshmallow using Android's free licence. This Licence permits developers to modify interfaces and add other features for better performances. Now, several better, faster, and excellent versions have been released and are running on most Tecno devices already.

tecno HiOS

Meaning of HiOS

The rationale behind the choice of this term is not stated by the manufacturers. However, there are opinions on what the acronym stands for. As noted by Acronym Finder, HiOS means:

Hardware-Independent Operating System
Acronym Finder
Its hardware independence supports several user customisations without the need for rooting. Similarly, it's a variant of the popular Android OS extended to offer other salient features users demand.

HiOS Download

Should you intend to upgrade your OS or simply enjoy the amazing features Tecno integrates into the HiOS Launcher, simply download. The suitable OS for your Tecno phone can be downloaded from their official website. Alternatively, upgrade the OS directly from your phone.

Download the OS from Tecno Mobile

Similarly, you can download the Launcher from your preferred mobile store. Download HiOS Launcher from Google Play Store.

Key Advantages of using HiOS

#1. Optimisation and Speed

The speed of operation of mobile devices, considered an important trait, has been prioritised in developing this Operating System. A combination of core hardware and software components ensure that devices running on HiOS, experience faster processing speed. This is enhanced by storage management capabilities and the integrated cooling effect. 

Apps, that unnecessary heat up mobile devices, on which this OS is running, get controlled without interrupting activities. With this, your device cools hardware components to avoid risky heating. Usually, this heating emanates from numerous operational processes by the CPU.

This generally increases the speed of operation and boost the performance of mobile phones.

#2. Battery Management

This OS equally integrates features for efficient power management. Power tends to last longer as screen lighting is controlled. Also, there is efficient management background apps and connections.  This averts the need for irrelevant power consumption and usage. So, your smartphone's battery will last longer and perform excellently on this OS.

#3. Security

Manufacturers and developers of Modern phones and apps are known to take security seriously. HiOS provides necessary features to prevent malicious attacks and protect users' data. Combining these 11 Security tips and the features of this OS enhances safety. Overall, Tecno developed this OS with full security integrations and features.

From the default security features to app-optimised security measures, HiOS has it all covered. The Face ID app and Album protection are some of the security measures developed to offer better ways of securing the contents of phones.

You can extend these features with other hardware components if available on your device. For instance, it offers seamless support for fingerprint capturing that you can use to hinder unauthorised access to your phone.

#4. Aesthetic Appeal

HiOS is not without aesthetic splendour. The apps' icons, themes, colour code, and layout presents a beautiful appeal. Its design captivates the minds of users as it silently reveals Tecno’s user-driven production. For beauty-knots, this will instil a sense of satisfaction and psychological pleasure.

The magazine lockscreen, colourful themes, fantastic wallpapers, and excellent colour mixture keeps the appearance cool and inspirational.

 #5. Entertainment

You never can count this out. Every OS considers how users can make the most of the available entertainment channels. And that’s exactly what this OS stands offers. From the Magazine Lockscreen feature, high-quality media presentations to games-supported hardware-driven features, users can enjoy a whole lot of entertainment pack that comes with it.

HiOS Launcher

Phones running on this OS come with a pre-installed HiOS Launcher. This Launcher offers unique and intriguing features that remain evergreen. Most importantly, it's user-friendly and easy to use.

The apps, features and effects present a compact yet performance-driven launcher that meets the basic needs of modern devices. Though it's not epic when compared to Next Launcher or Nova Launcher, it, however, attains excellent user satisfaction.

Top Features of Tecno HiOS Launcher

This Android-based OS integrates a number of eccentric features perfectly combined to ensure that users get the very best of it. Devices running on this OS, perform excellently because of these technically and carefully crafted features. These are summarised by the features of the HiOS Launcher.

HiOS Launcher Features

Let’s have a look at some of these features below:

 1. Split Screen

This is not a new smartphone feature per se, but it makes the cut to see it integrated into this OS. Users of iOS, XOS Chameleon, and recent Android OS would be familiar with this feature.

The Split Screen feature allows users to divide the screen of their device into two. With this, you can display two apps at the same time without necessarily exiting any. But how relevant is this feature, you may ask? This feature comes in handy in situations when you need to copy or make reference to information on another app. 

For example, writing an email using selected addresses from your contacts' app. You can easily split these two apps on the screen and then copy or input the addresses as you deem fit. 

2. Magazine Lockscreen

Yet another feature included to inspire users and grant them emotional relief each time they turn on the lockscreen. Just like in Windows 8 and above, this feature triggers a set of dynamic content - pictures and inspirational texts - similar to live wallpapers. 

The difference is that Magazine Lockscreen presents different types of these contents each time the lockscreen comes on. Though this feature can be changed to static content, its beauty and dynamism add a different level of satisfaction and entertainment and is worth keeping.

I feel happy, encouraged, and purposeful every morning when I look at my phone to see motivational texts from the Magazine Lockscreen. It takes me to a new level completely and drives my day.

3. Lockscreen Notification

For some Operating Systems, lockscreen notification isn't a feature you can easily find. As a result, it requires users to unlock their phones to access the latest notifications. This has its pros and cons.  You might miss out on important notifications. On the other hand, it saves you from distraction during important occasions like a meeting, etc.

On the contrary, the  Lockscreen Notification provided by HiOS Launcher grants access to notifications while the screen is locked. However, the display depends on the user's preference. Applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. will display notifications even if you activate lockscreen. 

To ensure security and block unauthorised access to confidential contents, this feature can be set to display only the app sending the notification and the number of notifications per app. The contents can then be accessed by unlocking the phone.

4. Hi Theme

Hi Theme is indeed an excellent inclusion of the design of this Launcher. With just a tap of the finger, you can set up the entirety of beauty and dynamic display on your device at no cost. Other themes of your choice can equally be downloaded using the theme manager app. 

This takes complete control of the icons, navigation, transitions, app drawer system, content display, and the overall appearance. Additionally, you can download and activate varying kinds of fonts and typographic features to add fancy to the fun.

HiOS Launcher

5. Private Album

This is another security feature included by Tecno to keep confidential information safe and offer protection against unauthorised access. Whether it is your little secrets expressed in pictorial formats or deep secrets of activities you don't want others to see, the Private Album feature helps to grant you the needed security.

As noted by the manufacturers,
We all have our little secrets. Add a password to the album to keep yours safe from prying eyes.
This will be loved by many who don't feel safe with their classified pictures and want to hinder people from viewing them.

6. Call Recording

Call recording is highly simplified by this OS. Once on an active call, tap the three doted ellipsis-like buttons to start recording your conversation with the other person. This feature combines perfectly and excellently with a fingerprint sensor to ease how you record and end calls.

To use this wonderful combination, your device must support and have a fingerprint sensor or scanner.


 As technologies keep advancing, manufacturers research and develop better ways of meeting users' demands. Tecno HiOS, an Android-based Operating System, is just one of such ways. And Tecno has tailored this OS to offer excellent user experience and comfort.

This OS might not be your preference if you don't have a taste for Tecno products as it is specifically designed for Tecno devices alone. On the other hand, if you rock with the Tecno World, here is definitely an OS you will love.

You can feel the vibes by purchasing phones running on this OS from popular online stores such as Jumia.

See prices HiOS Supported phones on Jumia.

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