How to Download or Save WhatsApp Status to your Phone

It's not much of a big deal to save WhatsApp status of your contacts on your phone. Some few years back, this looked much like a difficult task to achieve. But, that is now overcome, and you can download or save statuses you prefer.

WhatsApp has taken the social media by storm and now command tremendous followership. There are over 1 billion accounts running every day on WhatsApp. Given the short span, this SM platform has been around, that's an excellent growth rate.

Virtually every smartphone user desires this app to be working perfectly. Sometimes you wonder why. There are quite a number of reasons.

First, it's completely free to download and activate. Also, its simplicity means you need no special skills to use it. It's completely flexible. Additionally, you can express your feelings with quick status(es) that expire after 24 hours.
Save WhatsApp Status to your phone

And many more ...

Downloading the status of other users is now the tricky task you are definitely interested in. But let me ask, why do you need to download others' statuses?

Ok, I get it! Sometimes, they upload interesting, inspirational, meaningful, funny and refreshing updates. So, you want to either have this and reflect on, or simply share with others on your contact. Similarly, you might simply update your status with one of those you downloaded from your friend.
That's the thing! save the status and use it to keep the fun going. Isn't that cool? Yeah, it is.

But another question. Do you know how to save WhatsApp status of your friends and contacts?
If you answered yes, thumbs up! But wait! How many methods do you know? I believe not just one or the third-party app - WhatsApp Status Downloader.  Otherwise, you might somehow want to read this guide to know another method to do so.

If you do not know how to save WhatsApp status to your phone at all, then get on the ride. I will describe two tested approaches to download or save WhatsApp status of your friends to your phone.

How to Download or Save WhatsApp Status to your Phone

There are 2 reliable ways of doing this, but your phone must be WhatsApp compliant. Also, you need a File Manager app to navigate to directories on your phone.

You can download WhatsApp from an App store or website directly. Then look up for a file manager, download and install on your phone.

Once you have these two features working, it's time to ride.

How to Download or Save Status Manually

WhatsApp saves statuses temporarily on your phone for 24 hours. After that, the status - images, animations or videos - are deleted automatically.

To prevent this from happening, you simply need to move the preferred status to a different folder on your phone. Do this before the expiration time.

By moving the status to a different folder on your phone, WhatsApp would not be able to automatically delete the files you have moved.

Firstly, view the status on WhatsApp so that you can save it on your phone temporarily.
Open a File Manager and move to WhatsApp, then Media folder. This folder, by default, is usually found on the Internal Storage.

Now, ensure that the File manager shows all hidden files. This will reveal the temporary folder for storing status-.Statuses

Show hidden files

Openn Statuses folder

Open the .Statuses folder to reveal all the available statuses not yet deleted.
Now, copy the ones you desire and save in a different folder, preferably outside the WhatsApp folder.
You can now reuse this as your status or simply share with some of your contacts.

How to Download or Save WhatsApp Status using third-party App

This method uses a third-party app to download or save WhatsApp status to your phone.
You can search for WhatsApp status downloader on your favourite app store. Download and install the app.
Tap Start to continue

Next, launch the app and click Start to open the default app window.

Swipe and tap on preferred status

At the top, scroll left or right to view active statuses. Tap on the status you want to download or save.
On the window that opens, click Download or Share. Tapping Download will save the status to your phone, while Share opens up several social media platforms to upload the status.

Download or Save Status

To view the downloaded files, use a File manager and navigate to Internal Storage, then Status Downloader for WhatsApp.

There, you will find all the statuses you have downloaded using this third-party app.

Really simple trick.

Final Words!

You thought it was going to be tricky to achieve, but I'm glad you've seen how easy you can download or save WhatsApp status.

But let me be directly to say that you need the permission of some of your friends to share or use their pictures on your status.

Avoid infringing on the privacy of others.
Ok, ride on and keep downloading statuses to spread the fun and love.


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  2. So it means WhatsApp now downloads every status post I opened? How do I stop it from downloading cus the old WhatsApp does not do that and we are able to save our data and phone memory.
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