Email Apps for Android: 10 Best Android Email Apps to Boost Productivity

“We’re in a mobile World” is the popular saying to describe the geometric growth and application of mobile technology. And communication is at the core of it, not to leave out the transmission of information via emails.

There are several email apps for Android and iOS phones with varying designs, features and integrations. These apps enable users to receive real-time push notifications, send emails on-the-go, boost productivity, among other things.

Android Email Apps

It’s quite easy to download, set up, customise and use these apps without any technical skills.
However, there is the concern of knowing which app to choose. Mind you though, not every one of these is worth the shot. Some are poorly developed or lacking the basic features needed in an Android email app.

Here in this post, I’ll provide details, pros & cons, reviews and descriptions on the top Android email apps you can set up on your phone to enhance the use of your email services from popular providers such as Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and other Exchange servers.

Prior to that, let’s look at the basic features a mobile email app must possess…

Key features of an Android Email App

1. Multiple Accounts

These days, a single email account isn’t enough for communication. You might have work, personal, academic, business or a combination of these accounts.

You had loved an app to access all these accounts from a single device to improve speed and performance.

So, an ideal email app for your Android or iOS phone, should provide features for setting up multiple email accounts.

2. Multiple providers

Think of it this way:
You have accounts with Yahoo, Google, Outlook and your company’s exchange server. So, you need to download the apps for each of the mail providers to be able to access your inboxes.
But that doesn’t sound good in managing storage on your Android device.

The way forward is an app that provides the feature to set up accounts from different email providers. So, instead of four apps or more, you need just a single app to handle everything for you.

That sounds cool, I guess?!

3. Security

The internet is vast and presents many opportunities for both positive and negative use. If developers do not implement security properly, attackers can exploit the vulnerabilities in communication systems.

Though there are several security tips to keep your Android device safe, an email app must offer end-to-end encryption in addition to other security measures.

Protecting users’ data, securing communication channels and barring physical access to notifications are the top security features such app should offer.

4. Rich interface

I know on PC you can perform several tasks, create nice-looking emails, formatting texts, adding pictures and all of that.

In phones, it’s a bit different!

Yet, we want apps that are flexible enough and help us make our email messages look good and appealing to recipients.

In that case, a typical Android email app should present a neat, easy-to-use and rich text editing interface.

With that, one can emphasis texts by adding colours, boldness, sizes, obliqueness, among other things. Luckily for us, recent updates on these apps have been excellent on UX/UI designs but some are yet to meet up.

5. Flexible with robust customisation features

Think of that email from a user that keeps popping up, distracting and annoying. Somehow, you want to mute only the notifications from that sender without affecting others.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have an app that helps you decide what notifications you receive?

Again, what if you wanted a different theme, maybe a dark mode or something you had loved? It would be nice to customise the look of your app, right?

Overall, you will love to have control over your app to decide on some of the features to activate and deactivate. The focus here is for users to tweak things a bit to make these apps more relevant, accessible and applicable to their needs.

Therefore, a typical email app on mobile devices should give users, the options to customise some functionalities and appearance.

6. Cloud support

Yeah, you sometimes save files and documents on cloud storage platforms such as DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and many others. And you had loved to pull and share some of these files in an email without downloading them.

That’s what I equally love doing. That helps me to manage storage on my devices. More so, I can share anytime from anywhere.

Top 10 Email Apps for Android Phones

Yes, we’re finally here!
Having used a number of these apps, test-run others and researched user experience – pros and cons, here are the top 10 Android apps for email.

#1 Gmail

Gmail App

Key Features
  • Multiple accounts and service providers
  • Flexible and simple interface
  • Contacts and Calendar syncing
  • IMAP, POP3 and Exchange accounts
  • Swipe actions
  • 15GB free storage with Google Drive support
  • Emails organisation with folders

Google manages Gmail app to support their email platform and many other services.
Gmail is an all-in-all app that syncs excellently with your email accounts to push notifications in real-time. Completely free, Gmail offers a 15GB storage to store videos, images, audios, documents and other files.

Google Drive, its cloud storage platform, makes it possible to share whatever you have stored on your virtual storage in emails.

Easily add events, plans and meetings to calendars and send emails from notifications. You can equally sync your contacts with the app, to easily send custom emails to them.

Just as expected, Gmail allows you to set up accounts for several providers including Yahoo, Exchange servers, Outlook, and much more. Similarly, you can set up more an email account from the same provider.

It has a nice interface that offers light-weight formatting features

  • It is free and works seamlessly on Android phones
  • Supports multiple accounts and providers.
  • Cloud storage support with 15GB available free space.
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Good end-to-end encryption
  • Excellent Calendar and Contacts’ syncing

  • Delayed notifications in some cases
  • No feature for multiple selections
  • Dark theme mode not available
  • Annoying ads
  • Intermittent notifications
  • No filters
  • Too much access to privacy

#2 Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail App

Key Features
  • 1 TB free online storage
  • Customise swipe-actions
  • Customize notifications
  • Quick searches
  • Different themes (Dark theme modes supported)
  • Send multiple attachments
  • Password-free sign-in with Account key
  • Cloud storage support on Google Drive and DropBox

Verizon Media hosts and runs Yahoo Mail, offering free services with an amazing storage space of 1 Terabyte to save your files and documents.

Use custom swipes to decide what happens when you swipe across the screen from left to right and vice versa. Similarly, search and filter messages by contacts, photos and documents. If these aren’t enough, set custom filter rules.

For instance, you can filter by the sender, recipient, subject or word(s) in the body of an email. With filters, you can do advanced searches to easily find emails or contents of an email depending on what you want.

  • Large storage capacity
  • Custom themes with different dark modes.
  • Seamless integration of cloud storage accounts from Google Drive and DropBox
  • Customise signatures for each account.
  • Easily schedule emails
  • Support for security lock

  • Ads everywhere, you can remove ads by upgrading to the pro version available at a cost between $1 - $100 per year.
  • Too simple text editor without basic formatting features
  • Too much access to privacy
  • Deleted messages pop back, especially with poor network
  • Low-performing spam blocker
  • No support for multiple selections

#3 TypeApp Mail


Key features
  • Avatars and icons
  • Dark theme mode
  • iOS & Android
  • Android Wear
  • Mobile printing
  • Schedule Emails
  • Split screen on Tablets
  • Text formatting
  • Filters
  • Calendar syncing
  • Push notifications
  • Encrypted communication
  • Exchange servers

TypeApp is an incredible email app for Android and iOS that offers many features and functionalities, competing with industry names such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook.

It features a rich text signature with logo support to allow for branding and uniqueness. Most useful for businesses. Also, it features a text editor that allows you to add a bit of formatting such as colour coding.

Add as many email accounts as you want from several providers, including support for exchange servers. Schedule emails, sync contacts and calendar, control notifications and fine-tune a few features.

Privacy protection is in place, plus use the security lock feature to control physical access to your emails.

  • Easily filter emails
  • Email Scheduler
  • Privacy protection
  • Split screen – on tablets
  • Beautiful interface

  • Battery Drain
  • Compatibility with Android 9 Pie needs improvement
  • Delayed notifications

#4 BlueMail

BlueMail App

Key features
  • Free
  • Multiple providers IMAP, Exchange, Office 365
  • Smart mobile notifications
  • Group emails
  • Dark theme
  • Rich text signature
  • Android Wear
  • Mobile printing
  • Custom swipes
  • Sender’s email
  • Lock screen

BlueMail is one of the android email apps that offer rich text editing interface with which you can create nicely-looking emails using colours and markings to communicate purpose and essence.

With excellent customisation features, you can assume control of the working of this app by activating and deactivating some features. Use the dark theme to improve the experience and rely on filters to search for specific emails.

Easily carry out bulk operations by selecting several emails at once to save time. Delete, move to and read emails within seconds with multiple selections. Set up swipe actions to save time.

Equally, use the lock screen feature to improve security and prevent unauthorised access to your messages.

  • Excellent security features
  • Completely free
  • Amazing customisation features
  • Beautiful interface

  • Calendar syncing needs improvement
  • A workaround is needed for improving email spamming
  • Multiple accounts set up failures
  • Push notifications need a boost

#5 Microsoft Outlook

Outlook App

Key features
  • Beautiful Design
  • Custom notifications
  • PIN Password
  • Personalised filters
  • Neat inbox with contacts’ avatar
  • Intuitive search for dates, subject, recipient across several folders
  • Multiple accounts and service providers
  • Swipe actions
  • Rich text editor
  • Custom signatures for each account

Microsoft Outlook is an industry name that has provided email services to the mobile community for many years now. With several updates and counting, Microsoft has made improvements to satisfy its users.

It integrates a simple, beautiful and friendly user interface with an exceptional organisation close to the defunct Inbox.

With Outlook, you can set up several accounts from different providers and receive real-time push notifications. Easily search messages and use custom filters to prioritise searches. Customise your notifications to sift seemingly distractive emails, helping you to focus on relevant ones.

  • Brilliant organisation
  • Beautiful interface
  • Mark several emails with a single tap
  • Colour coding

  • Syncing needs improvement
  • Compatibility on a few devices is challenging
  • Deleted emails tend to reload some times.

#6 Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail App

Key features
  • Over 200 settings for easy customisation
  • Excellent text formatting features
  • Dark theme mode
  • Backup & restore
  • Integration with popular third-party apps
  • Secure login
  • Multiple accounts with separate signature for each

MobiSystems developed Aqua Mail to deliver flexible email management features that boost productivity and enhance the mobile experience.

Easily integrate different email accounts from your favourite providers, sync and start receiving real-time notifications with ease. Backup your messages and files using cloud storage support.
More so, excellent integration of calendar and contact apps allow you to easily manage your contacts, create schedules and get reminders.

The pro version (ads-free) is available for $10 to $50 with other cool features

  • Awesome text formatting and customisation features
  • Spell-check option
  • Attach another email message to a thread
  • Support for multiple accounts

  • Support for only one account for the free version, unlike most other Android email apps.
  • Calendar syncing needs improvement for some devices.
  • Rigorous and annoying ads. You can upgrade account to remove ads.

#7 MyMail

MyMail App

Key features
  • Multiple providers and accounts
  • Contacts’ avatars
  • Local and server searches
  • Unique email accounts
  • Message filters
  • High security
  • View all emails on one email
  • Active syncing

Just like many other email apps on smartphones, MyMail integrates contacts’ avatars enabling the display of images for recipients and senders on your device. This allows you to easily identify with the sender of an email.

It still offers users the option to show or disable ads without the need to upgrade to a pro account. That means you can overcome the ‘migraine’ caused by incessant adverts, at least this time around.
Aside from support for grouping and managing messages, you can use filters to specify search queries for quick and easy access to emails on your account.

  • Disable ads easily and enjoy interruption-free communication
  • Easy setup and simple to use
  • Excellent grouping and categories
  • Advanced filters for better searches

  • No swipe options
  • Lacks multiple selections
  • No dark theme mode
  • Compatibility with exchange servers needs improvement

#8 MailDroid

MailDroid App

Key Features
  • Exchange servers
  • Multiple providers
  • A full UX editing interface
  • Split screen for tablet
  • Cloud storage support for Dropbox,, Google Drive, Sky Drive, OneDrive
  • Custom themes
  • Pro version ad-free
  • Support for Apex Launcher
  • Spell check

MailDroid is a clean, simple, yet powerful email app that offers full-text formatting features to help you create beautiful and appealing emails. Easily organise emails for easy access and usage.
Its theme options allow you to invert colours – choose both the fore colour and back colour to match your aesthetic appeal.

Offers appreciable security and privacy control with support for different email service providers including exchange servers.

If you had been on the lookout for a power-efficient email app, MailDroid provides the answer. Coupled with the dark theme support, the functionality of this app optimises power.

  • Dark theme support with flexible colour inversion
  • Excellent text formatting and editing feature
  • Good security features
  • Clean, organised and easy to use.

  • Using the numerous settings can be challenging
  • Ads keep interrupting, you can remove them with the pro version
  • Lacks support for selecting all email messages
  • Compatibility needs improvement.

#9 ProtonMail


Key features
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Gestures, labels and swipes
  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy organisation
  • Storage: 500MB (free) – 5GB (Pro)
  • 5 additional address for pro
  • 1 Domain name
  • Security lock

Users have picked ProtonMail for its rich security features and processes. The end-to-end encryption ensures the protection of messages against security loopholes. Similarly, to keep your personal information from prying eyes, ProtonMail gives priority to privacy.

The developers seem to be more concerned with security as this appears to be the major edge over most other Android email apps. However, syncing needs improvement, and if you seek a dark theme mode, forget about it.

Maybe in the future, they will fix the concern and integrate other features. Also, there is the issue of aggressive ads that take up the entire screen of your device. Nevertheless, a pro version takes this ache away.

  • Top class encryption and security features for safer communication
  • Privacy protection
  • Simple, clean and intuitive interface

  • Lacks multiple selection features
  • No dark theme mode though the developers plan to do so soon
  • Aggressive ads for the free version
  • Syncing needs improvement

#10 K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail App

Key features
  • Dark theme mode
  • Icons
  • Sync with Exchange servers
  • Email sorting
  • Completely free
  • Filters
  • Privacy control
  • Light-weight
  • Security control

K-9 Mail is completely free and open source, yet intuitive, clean and flexible. Add multiple accounts from your favourite providers and set up custom features for your accounts.

Dark theme mode is equally available as the second option for theme appearance, the other being the conventional white theme. Conduct searches and apply relevant filters to improve your user experience.

There are privacy control and a few other security features. However, because it’s an open source project, there are fears of security bugs that allow for exploitation.

Nevertheless, k-9 mail is a pleasing email app for Android and iOS phones with captivating user control and simplicity.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast and clean
  • Small-size app of about 3MB
  • Strong encryption
  • Efficient power management

  • Authentication requires more user-friendliness
  • Syncing on some platforms and devices crashes
  • Lacks multiple selection feature
  • No theme options


Communication is at the core of what we do and becomes more necessary for business and work. Via emails, we can communicate with clients and colleagues in distant locations, sort out needs and boost productivity.

Email apps for Android shift this experience to mobile phones and boost the way we reach other people on-the-go, from the comfort of our mobile devices and easily.

These are great, but your preference matters. Check out those with the features you really like and give it a go.

Best wishes!

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