Best Wireless Earbud: Model X-18S Dual Earbud with Bluetooth v4.2

Wireless earbuds are becoming the wave in recent days. Their simple, mobile and easy-to-use technology drive the love to own one. They integrate seamlessly with mobile phones and allow for flexible usage of phones with just a finger press.

With various designs, technologies and features, the goal remains to enhance portability and communication between transmitters and users. Adding to it, is the convenience, enabling users to easily perform actions with just a press or two.

Such simplicity and convenience created by wireless devices have attracted many with some purchasing different versions and designs to meet their needs and occasions. They equally integrate seamlessly with different mobile OSes such as XOS Chameleon, HiOS, Android, and many others

Should you decide to get one for yourself, there are a few basic things you might need to know especially with operations, specs, features and troubleshooting. This will give an insight into what you will experience.

So, here, I will describe some of the things akin with wireless earphones with a focus on model X-18S that stands out among others because of its portable nature.

Wireless earbud x-18s

Why you may need a wireless earbud

There are several reasons why you may need a wireless Bluetooth earbud. I will quickly go over these reasons.

1. You need comfort in using your phone while on the wheel. With these earbuds, you can receive and end phone calls; play, stop and change songs on your phone directly. This requires just a keypress to activate the features you want.

That allows you to focus on the road and at the same time utilise your phone.

2. You are in a crowded or rowdy environment where you feel using your phone in open isn’t safe. In that case, you can pocket your phone and use the earbud to listen to music or receive and end calls.

3. You seek portability above all things without necessarily using a headset that is overtly conspicuous. Earbuds are designed to fit just into the small space on your outer ear without occupying the whole of it. This small-fit architecture simplifies everything called portability.

4. You engage in activities that limit you from using your phone as often as possible. With earbuds, you just need stuck one or both into your ear(s), connect to your phone via Bluetooth and ready to go. Receive and end calls anytime while carrying out other relevant activities you want.

Specifications of the X-18S Wireless Earbud

The X-18S earbud is one of the best models out there and is cost-effective. It ships in lots of features to enable enjoy your device.

With a battery that withstands 3 hours heavy use, dual earbuds that you can switch for the other once there is a power drain, and a charging station, it's built for long hours of operation.

Below are some of the specs of this X-18S Wireless Bluetooth earbud

  • Bluetooth: Version 4.3
  • Range: 10 metres
  • Frequency: 2.4-2.48 GHz
  • Earbuds battery: 50mAh
  • Charging station battery: 400mAH
  • Charging time: 1 hour
  • Working time: 2 -3 hours
  • Standby time: 200 hours
  • Compatibility: compatible with A2DP1.3/HFP1.6/AVRCP1.6/DI1.3
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Distortion: less than 1%

The packet comes with the following components:

Components of Wireless Earbud X-18s

  • 2 wireless earbuds each lasting 3 hours heavy use
  • 4 ear caps
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 Rechargeable charging (power) station for charging the earbuds
  • 1 Instruction manual

How to synchronise or pair with your Device

Before you can use this device, you must first synchronise with your phone’s Bluetooth. However, for the first time, ensure that you have fully charged the earbuds.

To sync with your phone, PC or Bluetooth-supported device, follow these steps:

Step 1: Pick one or both earbuds and press the Multifunction button(s) at the centre to turn the earbuds. You will notice flashes of red and blue lights. That signifies that the device is ready for pairing or syncing.

Step 2:  On the Bluetooth menu of your device, search for the new device and select X-18S to pair. Once the pairing is successful, the indicator lights will turn off.

You can pair each earbud separately to enable you to use any one of them when you desire.

Similarly, you can link one to the other such that once one is connected, the other can access the connected device. This is useful if you want to use both at the same time.

The link the two earbuds:

Step 1: Turn both of them on and wait for the main one to be paired with your device.

Step 2: Double tap the control button of the second earbud and wait for seconds. Once they're linked, you will hear a voice notification.

Basic Operations

To make the most of this device, you need to be familiar with some of its basic operations such as receiving calls, playing music, etc.

Receive, redial and end calls

To receive or answer a call, short-press the Multifunction button. This automatically activates or picks an incoming call.

You can also reject an incoming call or end an active by long-pressing the Multifunction button
Redialling a number requires you to double-press the Multifunction button twice consecutively. Note that the redial function will only redial the last phone number (the most recently received or dialled) on your call list.

Play music

This earbud equally has features to control music on your phone. For instance, you can play music automatically, move to the next track on the list or pause a song.

To activate the play music function, short-press the Multifunction button. While the music is on, short-press the same button to pause.

If you decide to skip and play the next track instead, press the button twice consecutively. With these, you alternate the songs you want to hear. However, you can only play the next song and not the previous.

Play music at low volumes as high volumes can cause serious damage to the ear.


There are basically two charging forms for this device. The first is the power station, while the next is the earbuds. Both can equally be charged at the same time.

How to charge the Power Station

This is the mobile power bank for the earbuds. With the power station, you can recharge the earbuds once their power is low. But you must equally ensure that the power station has the power needed to recharge the earbuds.

To charge the power station, do these:

Connect the USB power cable that comes with it to the charging port of the power station and to a power source such as Power Bank, Laptop, PC, Power adaptor, etc.

While charging, the left indicator light will turn red and when it’s fully charged, the indicator’s light will turn to green.

How to charge the earbuds

To continue using the earbuds when their power is down, you need to charge them using the power station.

Place them into the power station correctly – ensure that the terminals at the base of the earbuds touch or connect with those on the power station.

Close the lid at the top and slide the switch button to ON. You will find the switch button at the back.
While charging, the indicator light of the earbuds will turn red and changes to blue when fully charged.

While charging, once the blue light of the power station turns off, it implies that the power of the station is down.

Also, to charge both the power station and the earbuds at the same time, connect the station to a power source and switch ON the station with the earbuds rightly place on it.

Maintenance ethics

Just like every other electronic device, there are ethics to maintain in order to utilise your device fully and avoid damage.

  • 1. Avoiding exposing the device to rain or damp conditions. This might damage or cause the device to misfunction.
  • 2. Do not insert any metal object into it as that can lead to short-circuiting of the units.
  • 3. The device should not be kept near heat, hot object or exposure to direct sunlight.
  • 4. Do not dispose of inappropriately or throw into the fire as it contains built-in Lithium battery that causes injuries from the explosion.
  • 5. Prevent it from falling down to avoid damage to parts and case.


There are times when the device might seem not function as required or expected. While this can be a technical fault, most of it is usually down to the basics that you can easily troubleshoot and fix.

I will describe how to troubleshoot a few things and fix them as necessary.

1. Unable to pair up with other devices

Check whether the earbud is still searching or simply switch it OFF and ON again.
Interference from too many Bluetooth devices. Switch OFF other Bluetooth devices and leave the one you want to pair, or go a location where there will not be interference.

Make sure the earbud(s) is/are in pairing mode

2. The sound is low or distorted

Check the volume of your phone or Bluetooth device you have paired with the earbuds. It’s low, increase the volume to a healthy level.

Recharge the batteries of the earbuds as low battery might cause low volume.

3.            Occasionally, the music stops

Check and make sure that you have not exceeded the effective transmission range of the device. It’s at a maximum of 10 metres. Most times, you will be notified if the device is disconnected.

Also, ensure that there is no direct obstacle or interfering device(s) between the earbuds and your Bluetooth device.


Wireless Bluetooth earphones are quite economical, cost-effective and simple to use. Earbuds add the extra value of portability, simplicity and entertainment. Choosing a good one like the X-18S with a Bluetooth version of 4.2 guarantees quality.

Whether you’re going for an earbud or the conventional earphone, decide on what will suit your needs.

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