March 08, 2020

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Theme in 3 Simply Steps

WhatsApp Dark Theme

If you're a fan of dark theme mode on mobile apps, I'm pretty sure you became excited when WhatsApp announced plans to integrate this feature. After a few weeks of testing, they released WhatsApp dark theme on Android and iOS for mobile phones.

Just like many other users, I followed this up immediately and updated to the supported version. And viola, the dark theme mode manifested. So, WhatsApp joined other social media platforms - Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Twitter - to bring users this awesome look.

In this post, I'll show you how to enable WhatsApp dark mode on your mobile device. Additionally, we will explore a few other things - what WhatsApp dark mode, supported version and OS, and the need for it.

Let's dive in...

WhatsApp Dark Theme Release Date 

WhatsApp released the dark theme on March 3, 2020, though the initial release was available to beta users. This enabled them to modify and integrate standard design principles to improve the feature.

What is WhatsApp Dark Theme Mode?

Short answer:
It is a theme that displays a dark background with a relatively low-light interface.

Long answer:
Power management and user experience are top among the features an ideal app should offer. And over the years, app developers have created solutions to improve these (power and UX) by limiting the amount of light interfaces use. Thus, improving battery life.

According to Wikipedia:
dark mode, dark theme or night mode is a color scheme that uses light-colored text, icons, and graphical user interface elements on a dark background....

This color scheme is mostly a combination of black as backcolor and shades of grey as forecolor. Elements such as icons, texts, containers, wrappers, lines, etc. take the form of these colors to reduce contrast, but visible to users.

It is a feature that most mobile phone users demand, and you should have too!

Why you need a WhatsApp Dark Theme

In case you're wondering why you need a dark theme, let me run over a few reasons.
First, it's the feel of the moment! Everyone out there prefers a dark theme to a light mode. And as with most technological trends, you had loved to flow with the moment.

But if this was all about the "feel of the moment", then it would just have been worthless.
As noted by WhatsApp, a dark mode reduces eye strain, improves focus, and knocks off unnecessary lighting.

In general, Material Design highlights the following as the key relevance of a dark theme:

  • Energy conservation
  • Enhances accessibility

Most importantly, it improves user experience.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Theme Mode

Here, I'll show you how to change WhatsApp theme on your Android or iOS phone in just 3 steps.
Let's begin...

Step 1: Update or download the supported version

First, you need the version that supports dark mode. There are two ways to achieve this - update (if you have installed it on your device already) or download the latest file.

Currently, the supported version is WhatsApp version 2.20.64 and is available on Android and iOS. Find out if your device is supported.

To download, visit your favourite apps’ store or download from a trusted website. I do not support the latter as it poses security concerns.

Download from Playstore.

Step 2: Turn on Settings from the Menu

Once you have the supported version installed, access the menu - usually located at the top right corner of the screen with the three vertical dots icon.

Tap menu, then settings

Tap to display the menu, then tap Settings.

Step 3: Access Chats Settings and change to Dark Mode

Tap Chats then Theme

From the Settings’ menu, tap Chats to display settings related to chats. Under the Display section, tap Theme, and change the theme from Light to Dark.

Select Dark Theme

That's it!

I told you it'll take just 3 simple steps to achieve.

In summary, these are the steps:

  1. Update WhatsApp to the supported version
  2. Tap Menu and then Settings
  3. Tap Chats, then Theme and change to Dark Theme

Over to you!

WhatsApp dark theme is a great addition to the awesome chatting features the app offers. And you'll feel excited to have this feature and join the train of other apps relishing the vibes.

So, do share your experience and fun with others, and especially how this innovation can be improved to further deliver the exquisite user experience.