About Us

Hi! How are you doing? I guess fine! You want to know more about? Yeah, you're welcome. I am Emmanuel Joshua (Don Jo), a blogger, an affiliate marketer, web designer, graphics artist, teacher and addicted writer. I have been the tech world for over a decade now and doing things to help others promote their brands, solve problems, optimise their businesses and increase ROI.

I have been in the business of writing articles for some years now. First, I got engaged with Triond prior to it being knocked, then with IT Tips and Tricks which is a blog on IT hacks and shortcuts. I started AM as a way of helping buyers, bloggers and marketers identify the right services.

The bulk of what I do centres on Data Analysis, report generation, IT training, social service provision and many others.

My hobbies? I knew you were expecting that! I play football every week to keep fit and look healthy. Funny? That is the truth. I like singing, Kudos to Frank Edward. Writing is another thing I like doing and definitely designing with my legions of graphics apps.

Affiliate Marketing is my blog where I share needful information as discussed in the section below.

About aMobiles

aMobiles was formerly an initiative to help bloggers, and small enterprises grow their business via digital marketing techniques that improve conversion rates and increases ROI.

Recently, the approach changed. So, do not be surprised by the domain pointing towards affiliate marketing, while the contents show updates relative to mobile products.

On that ground, aMobile comes in as a replacement for Affiliate Marketers and aims at providing visitors with the very best information about mobile products such as Tablets, Smartphones, PDAs, Game Consoles, PCs, etc.

As a result of this, we publish contents that cover such areas as product reviews, News on trending mobile technologies, social media guides, security, Tips on gadgets and apps used every now and then, among others.

Our product reviews are of great quality as we strive to provide our clients with enough and detailed information to aid them in making the right decision for the products they purchase for consumption or business.

The above is achieved via the direct use of such products by the authors who publish reviews on this blog, as we have the opportunity to test beta apps or products from developers and manufacturers respectively.

Similarly, our tips on apps and gadgets are based on the first-class experience while using the product and experimenting several solutions on them. We receive feedback on the use of these devices apps from our clients and troubleshoot to proffer to best and lasting solutions.

So, our posts on common and rare bugs on apps and device malfunctioning are well researched, diversified and tested before being published.

Do you have a product or an app you want to review? Do you desire to understand the specifications and application of such products? Then let's help you to uncover the positives and negatives of the very products you desire using our seasoned experienced in product reviews.

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