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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy belongs to It covers what and how personal information is collected, what the collected information is used for and the disclosure of the information. We understand your privacy is top priority and have therefore decided to make known the policy covering what information is received from you.


This web property, does not use cookies to store information about visitors and users of the site. Our advertising, however, use cookies to personalise your experience. They use ads in the form of banners, images and links to bring their services closer to you. 

To do this, they may automatically, receive your IP address which helps them to determine the effectiveness of their advertisement and to consider demographics, for better rendering. has no control or access over cookies received by third-party advertisers. Also, users are bound to the privacy policies of these third-parties when they visit their websites. For more detailed information, consult the privacy policy of these ads servers to know more on what they do with their services and the information they receive from.

The privacy policy of does not extend control to these third-party services.

You can always disable cookies from your web browser. This will somehow deprived you of the full experiences offered by most websites. To do so, consult the support pages of the browser you're using for guidelines.

Log Files

We collect personal Identification Information from users, but when they willingly give use such information. You can always refuse to give us your personal information, but as stated earlier, it will only prevent you from accessing and engaging with certain activities related to the use of this property.

Just like every other website, we make use of log files. These log files contain information we use to track how users move around the site, analyse trends, number of clicks on links, posts and pages, and demographic information. 

The information are; IP addresses, browser type, Internet Service provider, Date/Time stamp, referring pages, exit pages and device types. Note that IP addresses and other information contained in the log files do not contain any information that is personally identifiable. We do not sell, market or rent out personal identification information to others.

Google Analytics 

This site uses Google Analytics technology to monitor how the site is accessed and used. Google analytics is a web technology developed and controlled by Google. It tracks the traffic - users - received by the site. This is achieved through information contained in the log files and referrals from search engines.

With this, google can present users device, browser type, date/time and clicks on posts, pages and links. 

Privacy Policy Amendment has the ultimate right and discretion to update, at anytime, without notifying users of the site. However, when we do, it will be available on this page which you can check at anytime for changes to stay informed about how we collect, use and protect the personal information we collect.

Where necessary, a link to this update will be place to enable users be notified.

By using this site, you signify to your acceptance of this policy.

Contact Us

For more information, recommendations, questions and suggestions on our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at:, or use the contact form to reach us. 

We will be glad to attend to your requests.

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